Userlytics Review [Can you Really Make Money?]

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Userlytics claims you can make up to $90 for helping test out websites and apps, but is this website legit? Can you really make up to $90?

In this Userlytics review, we’ll go through what Userlytics is, how it works, and my experience with them (including payment proof!).

If you want to skip the review and go right to trying them out, you can sign up here.

What is Userlytics?

A screenshot of the Userlytics homepage.
Source: Userlytics

Userlytics is a company that connects companies with website and app testers. These testers not only use the app/website to make sure that everything works as intended, but they also give their feedback to make sure everything is intuitive.

You don’t need any experience to become a tester with Userlytics! You just need to be able to give your honest feedback and be able to follow verbal and/or written instructions.

Company Info

Who Can Join

If you’re interested in taking tests on Userlytics, you can use either a phone or your computer.

If you’re going to be using your computer, it needs to be either a Mac or PC, and you will need access to the Chrome browser, you will also need a microphone (if your computer has one built-in that works, too), and you may need a webcam for some tests (not all).

If you will be taking tests on your phone, you can use either an Android or iPhone. You will need to download the Userlytics app on your phone, and you will need Chrome or Safari, and you will need to use your phone’s microphone.

To see all the requirements you can visit this page.

How Userlytics Works

First, a company contacts Userlytics to help find testers for their app or website. They will work with Userlytics to determine the type of testers they want (demographics-wise), and then will come up with a compensation package.

Userlytics will then invite eligible testers to test the website or app, or will give possible testers a qualification test/quiz to see if they’re a good fit.

If accepted, the tester will then follow the instructions to help test the website or app from their phone or computer.

The tester will be recorded, and will give their feedback verbally as they test out the website or app.

Once the test period is over, it is submitted to the company and then it will be either approved or denied.

If the test is approved, the tester will be paid via PayPal within 15 days.

What specific things will you be asked to do?

The tasks will vary from test to test, but you might be asked to do things like setting up an account, searching for a specific piece of information, or you just may be asked what you think of a certain webpage.

How to Get Started

If you want to get started earning money with Userlytics, you can signup for an account here.

After signing up you will be prompted to confirm your email, then you will be given a chance to fill out your profile.

Your profile consists of basic demographic information and your PayPal email (so you can get paid!).

After signing up you can also download the Userlytics phone app (if you haven’t already), and you can download the Userlytics recorder for your browser so that you’ll be ready for any upcoming tests.

When there is a website or app test that you might qualify for, you will receive an email with the next steps. I usually receive an invitation to test a website or app about once or twice a month.

How to Earn Money on Userlytics

The only way you can earn money on Userlytics currently is through taking website or app tests.

There is no referral or affiliate program.

Earning Potential

The amount you earn depends on how long the website or app test is and how many things you will be asked to do.

Most tests usually last about 15 minutes and pay about $10. I have taken a test that was 15 minutes and paid $30.

Userlytics states that you can make anywhere from $5 – $90 for a test.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

When working with Userlytics you actually don’t have to do anything to “withdraw” your earnings, and there is no minimum you need to reach to receive a payment.

Once you complete a test, it will be placed in the “pending review” section. When the test is reviewed and approved, it will be moved to the “approved” section of your profile and then within 15 days you will receive your payment from PayPal, automatically.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of website testing with Userlytics:


  • Good Pay: You can earn an average of $40 per hour
  • No Minimum: There is no minimum threshold for payments.
  • Tests Available On Multiple Devices: You can take tests on your desktop, laptop, or phone.


  • Test Availability: You might have to wait weeks or a month to get a test invitation.
  • Lack of Tests for International Testers: Most test are for people located in North America
  • Waiting For Payment: Payments are made 15 days after the test is approved.

Reviews From the Web

Positive Reviews:

“I’m genuinely shocked, because when I did my first userlytics test, everything went smoothly; it’s easy and enjoyable, and customer service is courteous and prompt. I received my payment in less than eight days and am pleased. I’m hoping to get some more tests in the next few days!” – Haytam (from TrustPilot)

Neutral Reviews:

“Their customer service/success team is not out to get you. They are there to help you work through issues you are facing and are generally liberal at rewarding you credits for incompatible users, software and technical hiccups.

While their own interface would benefit from user testing, when it works, you can get some great insights. Speaking to their interface, you’ll have to train your own employees on how to use it. Also, I have yet to encounter a customer who has successfully set up their desktop client and gone through a test.” – Aaron Thomas (from TrustPilot)

Negative Reviews:

“Don’t waste your time. Check this site everyday and have notifications set up and still havent seen a single survey.” – Charles Cates (from TrustPilot)

Is It Worth It?

I think earning $10 – $30 for less than 15 minutes of work is worth it! I highly recommend website testing as a side hustle.

Payment Proof

I’m happy to say that I’ve never had any payment issues with Userlytics! Woo hoo!

Here is a screenshot from my account showing my completed tests:

And here is a screenshot from my PayPal showing the completed payments:

One of the things I want to mentions is that when I receive a payment from Userlytics I get the FULL amount, there’s no PayPal fee taken out.

Is Userlytics Safe?

The Userlytics website has a SSL certificate, and they have a privacy policy and a terms of use page.

Privacy Policy Overview

Their privacy policy states that they may sue your recordings for marketing and commercial purposes. If you don’t want your recordings used that way then you can contact them at:

They also state that they collect information “such as your full name, your phone number, your whatsapp number or your facebook username, your IP, and other related information such as: pages visited (with the IP, location and time) languages you speak and mother tongue, your Paypal email, gender and date of birth, your country and state/province of residence, your smartphone/tablet OS, the social network(s) you use, your desktop OS, your preferred browser, your education level, annual income, family status, employment, how many children you have…as well as information about your email activities like email bounces, when you open an email we sent to you, or when you subscribe/unsubscribe from our marketing campaigns.”

They also state that they share the information with the client (that you took the test for), and may use the information for marketing purposes.

Userlytics also says that they protect your information by storing everything on secure servers and using encryption when submitting payments.

Support Quality

I haven’t had to contact the support team myself, but from what I’ve read online, they seem to be very helpful and responsive.

If you need to contact the support team, you can contact them at

Final Thoughts

While some people did seem to have a negative experience with Userlytics, I have nothing but good things to say about them!

I enjoy taking tests with them, they pay on-time, and I love that there are tests available for mobile and desktop.

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Is Userlytics legit?

Userlytics is a completely legit website testing company.

How much do app testers make?

It depends on what company you work with, but you can make anywhere from $5 – $90 from doing app testing on Userlytics.

How much can you make on Userlytics?

You can make anywhere from $5 – $90 per test.

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