Who I Am

My name is Brittney, I’m in my mid-twenties and I want freedom.

Freedom to be able to do the things I want – like travel, try new restaurants, to sleep in, volunteer, and give money to the people and causes I cared deeply about.

How I Got Here

For a while, I became really enamored with early retirement and personal finance bloggers… Can you blame me? They were living the life I wanted!

Unfortunately, there are some things in my life that will make it difficult for me to have the type of freedom I want… (Hopefully I’m not alone in these things…)

I didn’t finish college, I don’t have a stellar job (just a normal office job at a dying medical company that had virtually no room for growth… unless the life-timers suddenly left or I got really really really good at sucking up to everyone in sight, ugh! [sorry I’m off on a tangent]), and to top it all off – I’m $35,000 in debt.

So to have the type of freedom I was looking for I know I needed money. And lots of it.

I started reading books on personal finance, taking courses, doing anything I could to make some extra money and get myself into a good position to have that freedom.

Why I Started This Blog

And that brings me to why I started Make Save Spend Give back in October of 2017! I had originally envisioned a modern personal finance website aimed at millennials, I’d share my journey of getting to that point of having freedom, and tips and tricks that other people could use to do the same thing. I grabbed the domain, a year of hosting, and then I did…. nothing. Well, I did start a Pinterest profile and did some pinning just so I’d have something active when I did decide to do something with the website, but yeah not much else.

…I also started slacking on my money making and saving journey. Honestly, I just got discouraged with everything. I felt like I was so “behind” in life. So I did the rational thing, nothing! (oooof.)

After a nearly a year of just floating through life feeling sorry for myself, I got engaged. On September 5th.

This changed my outlook on life and lit a fire under my belly. I was finally with the person I knew I was meant to be with. We then started planning our future and I got incredibly sad. We had decided he’d begin work after graduation, and I’d work part-time or full-time and finish college, then get a job myself. We’d have kids in 5 years, and save up for daycare, then maybe take a trip every year with the 2 weeks of vacation we’d get from work… Then we’d save for the kid’s college, and retire at 65-67 and enjoy “retirement”.

See it all sounded fine, and like the normal path that most people have gone down. But when we were doing this planning all I heard was “My partner and I will work every day for 8 hours, commute back home, just to do some mindless activity until bed and then do it all again the next day, and repeat the cycle for 40 years”.

Just the thought was heartbreaking. I wanted time with my future husband and time with our future kids. I didn’t want the only traveling we do to be during two weeks out of the year. There’s so much to see and do. That can’t be my life. And I’m sure if you’re reading this you don’t want that to be your life, either. Right?

What Make Save Spend Give Is Now

So in October of 2018, one year after I “started” Make Save Spend Give, I decided to come back to it, and commit to it. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I’ll share what I learn along the way and find ways to that will help all of us get the freedom we want.

Let me give you the short version of what I hope this website will grow to be:


personal finance website filled with ways to help you: pay off debt, make more money, save money for all of your goals, spend wisely by sticking to a budget, and find creative ways to give back.