Piphany Review – Is it a scam?

Are you interested in getting into Direct Sales? Or maybe you’ve heard of Piphany and you just want to know what it’s all about?

I will answer all of your questions (and more!). I’ll let you know what exactly Piphany is, if it’s legit, how you can get started with them, and my personal review of them.

What is Piphany?

Piphany Home Page

Piphany (formerly known as Honey & Lace), is a direct-retail fashion company.

Piphany sells contemporary clothes for women in the XS – 4X (yep they have plus sizes!).

Piphany Clothes 101

Here’s how the clothes work, Piphany has 8 core “styles”, which is a specific piece of clothing that Piphany always sells (this style might come in a different pattern or color depending on the season). In addition there is also limited edition designs that are changed every so often (sometimes weekly).

The clothes from Piphany include tops, bottoms, and dresses.

Here’s the sizing chart:

How does Piphany work?

If you’re interested in Piphany here’s how it works for both customer and stylists.

For Customers

You can view the current styles available on Piphany but to actually buy a piece of clothing you need to go through one of their independent stylists.

When shopping with an independent stylist you will have the option of purchasing directly through them, or by using the app from the invitation code that the stylist will provide.

If you’re shopping directly with a stylist, you will select your clothes and then you will receive an invoice. You need to pay that invoice within 24 hours or your order will be cancelled.

For Stylists

You can sign up to be a stylist with Piphany by paying a small $199 fee.

You are not required to hold any inventory (since customers can now shop through the app), but if you do decide to purchase some clothes to keep as inventory, you can purchase them at wholesale prices.

**This is a new business model for Piphany, in the past stylists had to pay start up costs of over $2000+ and they needed to keep inventory on hand (which came as a kit – you weren’t able to choose the patterns or sizes).

Stylists earn money for each piece of clothing sold, and they can also receive money for recruiting new stylists.

Piphany Compensation Information

Stylists can earn between 20-50% on the clothes they sell directly to customers.

For stylists who are interested in recruiting, you can earn 2-7% on downline sales, and you also have the ability to earn bonuses based on how much is sold.

If you’re interested in building a team, check out our article about direct sales training.

Piphany Reviews

I was able to find a few reviews from Piphany stylists.

One that really stood out was this review from Mandy Arcitio. She says that she used to work with LulaRoe then switched to Piphany a year ago (and hasn’t looked back!).

She really appreciated that she doesn’t need to carry any inventory.


If you’re looking for a direct sales clothing company to work with, Piphany would be a great choice.

You don’t need to hold any inventory, they have a large range of sizes, and there’s a low start up fee!

Frequently Asked Questions About Piphany

Is Piphany still in business?

Yes, as of August 2020, Piphany is still in business.

How much do Piphany consultants make?

Depending on how much the consultants sell, they could earn thousands per month. Consultants make 20-50% on the clothes they sell directly, and 2-7% from the sales of the consultants that they recruit.

What is Piphany clothing?

Piphany is a direct-retail clothing company. They sell contemporary clothing for women in sizes XS – 4X

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