Where to Get Direct Sales Training and Tips

by Brittney | Last Updated: July 28, 2020

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Have you heard of direct selling?

Direct selling is selling products directly to people. Remember those tupperwear parties? Ever had a visit from a Avon lady? That’s direct selling!

What’s great about direct selling is that it’s not just limited to makeup and plastic containers! You can sell jewelry, candles, health and fitness items (just to name a few).

Direct selling is also an incredibly flexible job. You can work around your family’s schedule and schedule parties and meetings wherever they fit in.

The downside of direct selling is… the selling! Selling involves being great at sales (obviously!) and also involved networking and building relationships with other people.

The networking and selling parts of direct selling don’t come naturally to most people. That’s why it’s important to try and find training to increase your skills so you can start building the business of your dreams!

Your Own Company

Now if you haven’t already checked with your own direct sales company, do that first! A lot of times they have their own training and events where you can sharpen your selling and networking skills.

And since you’re already working with the company, the training is usually free!

You can also ask the person above you to give you hands-on or extra training. When you succeed everyone makes more money, so they’re usually happy to help.

Now I’m going to share with you some resources where you can get direct sales training and tips! We’ll start with blogs where you can get free training, then move onto YouTube channels (for more free training!), and then I’ll share some great paid resources where you can get even more training.


Step Into Success

Step Into Success was created by Belinda Ellsworth who is a speaker, and trainer who works with consultants and marketers in the direct sales industry. She also wrote the book on direct selling (Literally! She wrote Direct Selling for Dummies).

Her blog covers social media, throwing parties, and recruiting.

Direct Sales Inspiration

Christine created the blog Direct Sales Inspiration. She’s been in the direct selling industry for over 15 years and seems to love sharing all of her wisdom.

Her blog covers things like party games, recruiting, using social media, leadership, and business tips.

Check out some of her posts:

If you’re interested in her paid content, she has six products: party games for direct sellers, mindset mastery, recruiting masterclass, the ultimate printable bundle for direct sellers, attraction marketing for direct sellers, and zoom parties for direct sellers.

Direct Selling CEO

The Direct Selling CEO blog was created by Misty Kearns, Her blog covers marketing ideas, productivity and organization, recruiting tips, and more.

Here is a sample of some of her posts:

Misty also has some paid products including productivity courses, money mindset challenges, marketing training, and more. You can view her store here.

Show Mom The Money

Show Mom the Money is a blog that covers home businesses and direct sales for moms.

They have a direct sales training page that links to all of their blog posts about direct sales training. It’s broken down into categories:

If you want to view their list of trainings, you can see it here. The list includes free and paid resources (just a FYI).

Other Direct Selling Blogs:

Youtube Channels

Let’s talk about YouTube channels where you can find direct sales tips and training!

Michelle Cunningham

Michelle has hundreds of helpful videos. Her channel is direct sales-specific, so you’ll definitely find something that’s relevant to you.

Her channel talks about how to get leads and book parties, how to stay organized, how to get your business started, and she has a lot of videos about how to leverage social media for your business.

Her most video covered tips and tricks for recruiting people, you can check it out here:

Consultant Training

Consultant Training is a channel created by Becky Launder who is a direct sales leader and trainer.

Just like Michelle’s channel, the Consultant Training channel has tips and tricks to help grow your direct sales business. Becky covers relationship-building, promotion, and recruitment.

Her husband Jeremy also brings his technical expertise to some videos and has tutorials about website building and other technical things to move your direct sales business forward.

In her most recent video she shared some of the business books she was currently reading:

Grant Cardone

Whenever I think of sales I immediately think about Grant Cardone!

Grant has written 8 business books, created 13 different business programs, and is the CEO of 7 different companies.

He has a YouTube channel, and while it’s not about direct sales, he does regularly drop business and sales gems which you can use in your direct sales business.

He has a playlist of over 100 videos about sales, money, and business. Here’s the first video in the playlist:

Dan Lok

Dan Lok is another person I think of when I think about “sales”. Dan is the author of over a dozen business books and is a renowned speaker.

Dan’s channel is also not direct sales-specific but has a lot of money, business, and sales videos that you can use in your direct sales business.

Dan Lok has a playlist about closing sales, you can see the first video here:

Vanessa Van Edwards

This last channel doesn’t have anything to do with direct sales (or business really).

Vanessa is a speaker, an author, and a Youtuber. Her videos cover communication, behavioral psychology, and just all around people skills.

Direct sales involves a lot of interpersonal communication – which Vanessa’s channel can help with!

One of her most recent videos was about online networking. Check it out here:

Sassy Suite

Sassy Suite has tons of courses made for direct sellers and marketers. Some of their courses include:

Sarah Robbins

Sarah Robbins is a leader in the network marketing field. She has a store full of products that would be helpful to any new (or experienced) marketer, including:


Udemy is a marketplace for online courses. There are courses on tons of different topics, including marketing, sales, and direct selling.

There is one course called Direct Sales Training Course for Beginners that is available for $11 (at the time of this posting). You can check out the preview and see if the course is something that would work for you.


Alison is another website that offers courses on different topics (just like Udemy). They don’t seem to have any direct sales-specific courses, but they do have an entire category about sales.


If you’e interested in getting into direct selling, you definitely need to have the sales and networking skills down!

If you aren’t confident in your skills, you should be looking into training so you can reach your goals. I’ve outlined tons of places where you can get training for free, and some other options that offer budget-friendly training.

Take a look at everything and check a few things out. Who knows, you might find your direct sales guru!