Make Money With Direct Sales

by Brittney | Last Updated: July 29, 2020

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Looking for a flexible job with unlimited income potential?

You should consider direct sales!

What is direct sales?

Direct selling is selling products directly to people. Remember those Tupperware parties? Ever had a visit from an Avon lady? That’s direct selling!

What’s great about direct selling is that it’s not just limited to makeup and plastic containers! You can sell jewelry, candles, health and fitness items (just to name a few).

Direct selling is also an incredibly flexible job. You can work around your family’s schedule and schedule parties and meetings wherever they fit in.

When you’re part of a direct sales company you will earn a commission for products you sell, and you may be able to also earn money by getting people to join your company.

How much can you make in direct sales?

A lot! With direct sales, there’s pretty much no limit to the amount of money you can make.

According to the Direct Sales Association, there were over 6.8 million direct sellers in 2019 (full and part-time), and those direct sellers were able to generate $35.2 BILLION in sales in 2019! Crazy, right?

How do you find a direct sales company?

If you’re interested in trying out direct sales, you can ask people in your friends group! There’s most like at least one person who’s involved with a direct sales company and I’m sure they would love to give you details.

You can also check out our directory, I’ve found some direct sales companies that you might be interested in, just scroll down to see the entire list.

Next, you can try looking at the Direct Sales Association website. The DSA focuses on research, professional development, and ETHICAL selling. They’ve created a list of direct sales companies and allow companies to join them who also align with the DSA’s mission.

If none of those strategies worked out for you, you can just use good old Google. Just Google “niche” + direct sales, and you will end up with tons of results.

How to Get Started With Direct Sales

First you need to pick out what company you’d like to join. Read up on the company including reviews by their consultants, and reviews by consumers who have tried their products.

Next, you should give some of the products a try, contact a consultant in your area and place a small order.

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Direct Sales Company Directory

4 Fun Parties – Part decorations, favors, and accessories.

4Life – Health and wellness company that sells supplements.

Abby + Anna – Sells clothing, face masks, accessories, and drinkwear.

ACN, Inc. – Home tech and telecommunication services.

AdvoCare – Sells weight management and sports performance supplements.

Aerus LLC – Home care and vacuum cleaners.

Aloette – Aloette Cosmetics offers a unique line of aloe vera based skin care products as well as cosmetics and personal care products with high quality, excellent value, and personalized service.

Ambit Energy


Arbonne International


Big Planet


Carico International

Cutco / Vector Marketing

Damsel in Defense

Dudley Beauty Corp



Enzacta USA

Essential Bodywear

Fifth Avenue Collection

Forever Living Products

Gano Excel USA

Global Domains International

H2O at Home



Hy Cite Enterprises

Immunotec Research

Initial Outfitters



Jafra Cosmetics

Java Momma


Jeunesse Global


John Amico Haircare

Jordan Essentials

Juice Plus+ Company

Kirby Company



Direct Sales FAQs

What are the top 10 direct sales companies?

The top 10 direct sales companies (by revenue) are:

Is direct sales a pyramid scheme?

No. Direct sales focus more on selling products directly to consumers as the main source of income, while pyramid schemes focus on recruiting people as the main form of income.

What are the types of direct sales?

There are three types of direct selling: party plans, networking, and hybrid. Party plan focuses on holding parties and other events to sell products, Networking focuses on recruiting people who will sell the products, and hybrid is a combination of both.