15 Student Loan Memes (We Can All Relate To)

I’m pretty sure all of us know how stressful having students loans can be, right?

You have to pay them off over years and years… There’s tons of interest… And if you miss payments you’ll get a frick ton of annoying phone calls.. shudder

Okay, okay I know you don’t want to talk about it – I get it.

Relax, I won’t ask you how long it’ll take for you to repay your loans or if you’re considering doing the Student Loan Forgiveness program. 😉

I know you want to avoid all talk of student loans… But why not look at some relatable memes? Just laugh the pain away.

Here are 15 Student Loan Memes (and Tweets) That Will Make You Laugh:

When you get that first student loan statement in the mail:

Student loan meme featuring Leonardo DiCaprio

The five magic words we all want to hear…

At least Conan understands what we’re all going through:

Student loan meme from Conan O'brien

When you try to ask your parents for help:

You can’t run from Navient!

Student loan meme Navient

When Sallie Mae starts asking for payment:

This is obviously the smartest student loan repayment plan (why didn’t I think of it before?!)

Student loan meme stay in school

Meme Source

Those interest rates tho

Don’t worry I found out this guy is doing the student loan forgiveness program… But still…. That interest shudder

Discussing your plans after graduating:

Meme Source (/u/adibabrar1)

**I know declaring bankruptcy doesn’t discharge student loans, but let’s laugh anyway.

You’ll be able to pay off your student loans.. Eventually.

Student loan meme from Free Range Comic

Meme Source (Bill Whitehead)

Even the Grim Reaper has to do a bit of moonlighting to pay off loans.

Well that’s one way to pay off your student loans 🙃

Student loan meme about getting hit by a bus


Student loan tweet by Zack Fox

How old and crusty you will be when you finally pay off your students loans

Student loan meme about paying off your debt

But in the end we won’t let student loans get us down!

I hope you enjoyed these memes! Which ones were your favorites?

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