Make Money Writing For HireWriters

If you’re just getting started with Freelance Writing, HireWriters is a place that hires beginner (and expert) writers.

You can start with shorter articles for beginners and work your way up to articles for “skilled” and “expert” writers.

HireWriters hires writers in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, Singapore, and New Zealand.

The jobs on HireWriters are articles, blog posts, rewrites, and some proofreading.

Sound interesting? I’ll give you all the details on HireWriters!

What is HireWriters?

HireWriters is a place where people can submit article requests to be fulfilled by the writers approved by HireWriters.

HireWriters is considered a content mill (a place that has incredibly low pay for writers) – but we’ll get more into this later.

How to Get Started With HireWriters

If you’re interested in writing for HireWriters, all you need to do is create an account. Unlike other websites, HireWriters doesn’t require you to pass any tests or to provide any samples of your work.

After signing up, you will be able to start taking assignments immediately.

Making Money With HireWriter

How to Get Work

Like I mentioned above, once you create your account, you will be able to get assignments immediately.

To get your first assignment, you can use the “open order board” to see all the assignments available to you.

On the job board you will see details on each assignment like the pay, how many words you will need to write, and any keywords that the client wants you to include in the writing.

Through the job board you can also see some info about the client including the rate of acceptance and rejections they give, and you can also see how many total assignments the client has posted on HireWriters.

Making More Money With HireWriters

There are four levels on HireWriters for writers: beginner, average, skilled, and expert. All writers start as “beginner”, as you move up in level your pay rate will increase.

Here’s what you need for each level:

  • Beginner – Everyone starts here.
  • Average – At least 3 completes jobs with an average rating of 4 stars, and complete 73% of work on-time.
  • Skilled – At least 8 completed jobs with 4.2 stars, and complete 82% of your work on-time.
  • Expert – At least 15 completed jobs, with an average o 4.6 stars and at least 90% of your work completed on time.

So to make more money on HireWriters focus on getting to the next level. Write as much as you can and make sure it’s free of any errors, and make sure to complete your work on time.

How much does HireWriters pay?

The payment you receive from HireWriters depends on the type of writing you’re doing, your current level, and how many words in piece.

Here’s the pricing for buying an article from HireWriters:

HireWriters payment chart

Let’s just talk about the “new article” pricing for now. According to the HireWriters FAQ, beginner writers can earn $2.25 for writing a new article that’s between 300-500 words, and experts can earn $10.66 for that same 300-500 word article.

That means that beginner writers earn about 60% percent of the price charged to the client, and expert writers will earn 80% of the price charged to the client.

Make sense?

When does HireWriter pay?

HireWriters pays their writers weekly as long as you have accumulated more than $10 in your account.

HireWriter Payment Methods

HireWriters pays their writers via PayPal. So if you’re signing up for HireWriters make sure you have an active PayPal account (preferably one that is verified).


If you’re just getting started with freelance writing and need some work, HireWriters is a great website to use.

Once you start developing your skills and your confidence, you will be able to make more money if you write for other websites or your own personal clients.

HireWriters is still a good website to use if you’re between freelance writing jobs or if you’re just looking to make extra cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About HireWriters

Is HireWriters legitimate?

Yes, HireWriters is a legitimate place to find freelance writing work. It does have lower pay rates, but it does pay.

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