Esearch Survey Review: Legit or Scam?

We recently stumbled across the survey website Esearch Survey, which says that will pay you money to answer surveys.

Since we’ve done tons of reviews and articles on different surveys websites already, we decided to research Esearch Surveys to see how it works, if it’s legit, and find out how people can maximize their earnings.

What is Esearch Survey?

From the Esearch website: “ needs YOU, your friends, your family members, your business associates – everyone – to voice your opinions. Companies across the globe rely on the input from panel members every day. By joining, you will be among the elite few that steer the offerings of manufacturers, service providers, entertainment companies, utilities and others. Your opinions will drive the development for the next generation products and services.

Esearch is a US-based company that helps connect companies with survey participants so companies can improve their products and services.

Esearch was founded in 1995, which makes it one of the OG’s in the survey panel world. Esearch also says that they have more than 800,000 panel members and that they are members of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Market Research Association (MRA).

Company Info

  • Founded: 1995
  • Name:, Inc.
  • Located: 32 South Middleridge, Rolling Hills, California 90274
  • FounderN/A
  • Socials: LinkedIn |
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone Number: (310) 265-4608

How Does Esearch Work?

The esearch survey homepage as of January 2022

Esearch works like other survey panels, you sign-up and then you are connected with surveys from different companies.

Once you reach a certain threshold you can then withdraw your earnings.

What is the Esearch signup process?

The sign-up process for Esearch works like most survey panels, you can go to their website and click “join” to start the process.

You will fill out the information to create your account.

Esearch sign up screen

This initial sign-up page doesn’t just have the basic stuff like name and email, it also includes a lot of demographic questions.

Once you answer all of the questions you will be sent an email confirmation.

Once you get the email, the signup process is complete. Now all you have to do is wait until you receive an email that invites you to participate in a survey.

Who can join Esearch?

  • Age Requirments: No acutal age listed, but most likely you must be over 18.
  • Country Requirements: This is a US-based website and has the most surveys for people in the US, but people from around the world are more than welcome to join.
  • Device Requirements: You can join from your phone or computer.
  • Payout Requirements: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Sweepstakes

How much can you make from Esearch?

From my personal experience and what I’ve seen online, you can make anywhere from $1 – $5 per survey.

The surveys usually take anywhere from 10 – 15 minutes, so earning up to $5 for your time actually isn’t too bad.

But like almost all survey websites, this is meant to be extra cash, not replace your full-time (or even part-time) income.

How do payments work on Esearch?

Once you complete your survey you will usually have a few options for withdrawing your earnings:


One of the easiest ways to withdraw your earnings from Esearch is by using PayPal. Make sure that the PayPal email address is the same as the one you used to sign-up for an account.

If you do select the PayPal option, after each survey you will be paid to your PayPal account, which means there is no minimum threshold to be paid.


If you are interested in getting a check, you can request one for a $1.50 processing fee.

EFT / Direct Deposit

In some situations, you will be offered the ability to get your earnings transferred directly to your bank account.


You can also use your earnings to enter into sweepstakes for the chance to earn different prizes like money, electronics, gift cards, etc.

Tips For Making More Money on Esearch

Esearch Survey is fairly straightforward, but there is one thing that you can do to potentially increase your earnings, and that’s joining specialty panels.

If you have a certain set of demographics, you will sometimes be invited to join a specialty panel by Esearch. These panels will give you the ability to take more surveys (which means earning more money!).

Possible specialty panels include:

  • IT and Business Professionals
  • Small Business Owners
  • Pet Owners
  • People With Chonic Diseases
  • Early Adopters
  • Enthic Groups (African American, Asian, etc)
  • Parents
  • Teen and Young Adults

What are the pros and cons of Esearch?

As with all side hustle opportunities, there are pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of Esearch that I think you should consider:


  • No minimum amount required to be paid through PayPal
  • You get paid after each survey (if being paid through PayPal)


  • Not many surveys available unless you get invited to a specialty panel
  • Lack of customer service / support

Esearch Reviews From Other Users


“I’ve been with them since 2013 & liked them (no problems; honest; pays when promised…etc.), although they don’t send out a whole lot of invitations, they’re consistent” – Kasey (SurveyPolice)

“I have been with Esearch for several years. They do have some really good paying surveys (in the $50-$120) range” – Barbara (SurveyPolice)


“Recieve very few surveys but always qualify,paid direct to paypal.Would be great company if you recieved many surveys only about 3 per year” – Harley (SurveyPolice)


“These are basically short surveys that promise a large payment. At the end of EVERY survey, approximately 12-15 questions, SURPRISE!, “Sorry, you don’t qualify.”” – E Scott (TrustPilot)

“I started a study for them in February and finished it on the 3rd of March. It was a two week product test for a razor. It had a bad blade so it was two weeks of torture. It is a month later and they still have not paid up. do yourselves a favor and avoid these guys. i do studies for a half a dozen companies and all pay in a timely manner but not esearch. they want you to beg for your pay.” – Trap God (TrustPilot)

Final Thoughts About Esearch

If you’re looking to make some extra cash, and you’ve already signed up for PaidviewpointSurvey Junkie, and American Consumer Opinion, then Esearch is an interesting website to add to your side hustle rotation.

Esearch Alternatives

If you’re looking for other legitimate survey websites to use, here are our recommendations:

FAQs About Esearch

Is Esearch Survey legit?

Esearch Survey is one of the oldest survey panels (created in 1995), and has a long history of paying survey participants.

What is Esearch Survey?

Esearch Survey is a survey panel that was created in 1995.

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