Pinecone Research Review

By Carol Perez •  Updated: 02/09/22 •  6 min read

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Taking surveys for money is one of the easiest side hustles you can start, but finding a legit paid survey site can be a bit difficult.

We’re on a mission to try out as many survey sites as we can, and we’ve reviewed quite a few already.

So let’s see how Pinecone Research stacks up.

Is Pinecone Research legit? Does it pay well? How does it work? We have all the details in this Pinecone Research review.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is a survey panel that has been around for decades. They pay people to give their opinions on different products and services through surveys and product testing.

Pinecone is very exclusive and it’s currently only open to US-based users and is “invitation”-only.

Company Info

How Does Pinecone Research Work?

Pinecone works like a lot of other survey panels: you sign up, fill out your profile, and then you will be invited to surveys.

But there are a few differences, first, unlike some survey panels, there aren’t always surveys to take. You have to wait until you get invited to survey (you will get an email) to take a survey.

The second difference is you don’t get your reward right away. After completing a survey, it takes about 1-2 days to get the credits in your account.

What is the Pinecone Research signup process?

Graphic showing how the signup process for Pinecone Research works.

The signup process for Pinecone is fairly straightforward. You can go to their homepage and sign up for an account.

Once you create an account, you will be prompted to fill out your profile by taking a survey.

After finishing this survey, you will either be made a member of Pinecone, or you could be put on waitlist (depends on your demographics and what Pinecone is looking for at the time).

If you are made a member, you just wait until you get an email inviting you to take a survey.

Who can join Pinecone Research?

How much can you make from Pinecone Research?

All surveys pay 300 points (which converts to $3). There are a few surveys, like bonus surveys, and surveys that are attached to product testing that may pay more than 300 points ($3), but all surveys pay AT LEAST $3.

How do payments work on Pinecone Research?

After finishing your first survey and getting the points in your account, you can withdraw your money immediately.

The easiest way to withdraw your money is with the bank transfer option. You can redeem this option at just 300 points ($3) and you will the money in your bank account in 1-3 days.

Payment Methods

Pinecone has a large reward center that offers a lot of different rewards that you can redeem your points for.

Bank Transfer

If you are interested in redeeming your points for cash, you can pick the bank transfer option and pick between the $3, $5, and $10 options.

Virtual Card

If you are interested in Virtual Prepaid cards, you have the option of getting a Prepaid Mastercard in increments of $3, $5, $10, and $15.

Gift Cards

If you prefer a gift card, the Pinecone reward center offers different physical and digital gift cards to some popular stores and restaurants.

The redemption amounts vary by business.

Physical Prizes

One of the more exciting things you can redeem your points for is physical items like accessories, video games, books, and other electronics

Tips For Making More Money on Pinecone Research

Pinecone is pretty simple so there isn’t a ton of tips and tricks I can share.

The only thing you need to be aware of is to attempt every survey invite they send you! Most people don’t get more than 4 invites in a month, so by jumping on each one you get, you have more of a chance to earn money.

What are the pros and cons of Pinecone Research?

Every platform has it’s pros and cons!



Pinecone Research Reviews From Other Users

It’s always good to see what other people think of a product or service before trying it. Here are some positive, negative, and neutral reviews from around the web:


“I have never had a problem with them always paid me what I am owed, sometime there will be a problem with login but if I try the next day I would be able to, but that does not happen often” – Samina (Trust Pilot)


“Extremely few surveys, though they pay well. I finally managed to sign up 2 months ago, but I’ve received only 2 surveys since then, one of which I missed out on because I was out when I got the email” – Oliver (Trust Pilot)


“I have been doing online surveys for a few years and Pinecone has often been referred to as “the holy grail” of sites; membership by invitation only and high rewards. I finally got a chance to join on 6/12/21.
It is now 3/2/22 and I have had ONE survey since I joined!” – Tim (Trust Pilot)

My Experience

I’ve been a member of Pinecone for a little over a year. I get anywhere from 1-4 survey invites a month, and I usually get qualified to take most surveys.

As you can see from the screenshot above, I’ve made about 9,600 in points ($96) from Pinecone!

While I do wish I could get more survey invites, I appreciate the little bit of money it brings in and I haven’t had any issues with Pinecone and I recommend everyone try to sign up for it!

Final Thoughts About Pinecone Research

If you’re looking for a high-paying paid survey website to make some extra money, try out Pinecone Research! It’s one of the best survey panels available in the US.

Pinecone Research Alternatives

If you’re looking for other high-paying survey sites, I recommend these:

FAQs About Pinecone Research

Is Pinecone Research legit?

Pinecone Research is a legitimate paid survey panel that pays real money. Their parent company, The Nielsen Company has been around for decades and has an A+ from the BBB.

Is Pinecone Research Safe?

Pinecone Research is completely safe, and has many safeguards to protect you and your personal data.

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