50+ Good Ways to Make Money on the Side

by Brittney | Last Updated: November 17, 2020

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Side hustles are like a little powerup for your budget and financial life. Seriously.

I mean there are only so many expenses you can cut and save on, right?

By picking up a side hustle or two you can pay off debt faster, invest more money, or just spend a little more on fun stuff.

I mean that all sounds amazing, right?

If you’re interested in trying out a side hustle (or two!), this list contains over 100+ good ways to make money on the side!

We got everything from ways to make extra money, online side hustles, offline side hustles, and I even threw in a few things you can do to make money from your current job and some ways to grow your money.

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Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

These things won’t make you rich, but these things are good ways to make money on the side because they’re just so dang easy.

Take Surveys

Interested in taking some surveys for cash? Here are some of my favorite survey sites:

I also have an article that goes through 10 survey sites that pay cash through PayPal.

Join a Focus Group

A focus group is a group of people that give their thoughts on a specific item.

I made $200+ for trying out a skincare product from home! All I needed to do was answer a short survey about it and give my honest opinion about the product.

Here are a few places where you can join focus groups:

If you want to read more about focus groups, I have an article all about them (including a list of 20 different online focus group panels!).

Help People By Answering Their Questions on JustAnswer

JustAnswer lets experts and professionals make money by answering people’s questions.

Their websites say you could make $2000-$7000 every month depending on your professional experience and how many questions you answer successfully.

Test Websites

Companies will pay you to test their websites to help make sure that everything works and that the site is user-friendly.

And you can usually make a nice chunk of cash doing it!

I don’t have a ton of experience with this side hustle but I know a few legit places where you can make money website testing:

If you want more info on website testing, Scrivs has a good article on Struggle.co all about website testing.

Get Cashback When Shopping Online

If you do ANY shopping online, you should be getting cash back. Rakuten (formerly eBates) will give you cash back for shopping online (there’s hundreds of stores to choose from!).

They have a phone app, and a chrome browser extension that will blink when you can get cashback from website that you’re currently visiting and will help you find coupons to use at checkout!

Seriously it’s one of the easiest ways to make some extra money!

Signup for Rakuten here.

Tips: If you want to make even more money with Rakuten, you can use them to buy discounted giftcards on Raise.com and then you can use the discounted giftcard AND Rakuten when checking out! Stack them savings…

And you can also use a credit card that gives you points or other rewards to get the discounted giftcards.

Make Money With Your Grocery Receipts

There are apps that will give you money for scanning your grocery receipts.

What’s great about these types of apps is that you can stack them. You can use the same receipt on multiple apps to get more rewards!

There are two main grocery scanning apps I use: Ibotta and Fetch Rewards.

I don’t currently have an article about Fetch Rewards, but if you want to take a look at my in-depth Ibotta review check it out here.

Make Money Searching Online

InboxDollars will give you money for searching using their search engine.

I’m totally serious!

They will also give you money for taking surveys and watching videos!

Get a $5 bonus from InboxDollars here.

Make Money By Sharing Your Internet

I heard about this one from Sharon over at Digital Nomad Quest.

There is a service called HoneyGain that will give you money for sharing your internet!

HoneyGain shares your internet securely with their business partners who use it to do things like verify ads, collect SEO data, and can sometimes help people access geo-blocked content.

You can get a $5 bonus by signing up through my link.

Earn Passive Income With Your Phone Lockscreen

Did you know that you can earn money by getting ads placed on your phones lockscreen?

I know it sounds weird, but yeah it’s a thing!

The S’more app will place ads on your phone lockscreen and every time you view them you will earn a little bit of money.

I tried it myself and really enjoyed it! Check out my full S’more app review here.

Negotiate Your Bills

Certain bills like your cable bill or credit card bill can be negotiated. You can ask for removal of certain fees or a lower rate on certain things.

If you have the time and confidence you can do this yourself..

Or you can use Trim to do it for you! Trim will negotiate bills on your behalf and also help you save money by letting you know about subscriptions you have and helping you cancel them.

Make Money By Walking

There is an app called Sweatcoin that will give you Sweatcoins for walking!

These coins can be converted into actual money or used to get prizes.

There’s an article on LifeUpswing that goes into more detail about Sweatcoin.

Make Money By Getting In Shape

If you want to get into shape by losing weight, there area few services that will actually pay you to do so!

HealthWage is one of the places that will pay you to lose weight!

Here’s the quick rundown: you place a “bet” (pay actual money) and set a weightloss goal and timeline. If you reach your goal you get a part of the pool of money!

Make Money On The Side Online

Good ways to make money on the side online. Woman using computer.

If you want to step it up a bit and you’re willing to put in a little more effort, here are some good ways to make money on the side online.

Snag Bank Account Rewards

If you aren’t completely loyal to your bank account, there are checking and savings accounts out there that will give you cash bonuses for signing up!

Some accounts require you to make a certain amount of purchase and/or deposit a certain amount of money – but if you’re able to meet the requirements it could be pretty dang lucrative!

If you want to take a look at the current bank account bonuses available, Doctor of Credit keeps an updated list.

Credit Card Bonuses

This one is pretty similair to bank account bonuses.

Credit Card companies will sometimes give cash bonuses or points (that can be converted to cash) for opening a credit card and making purchases.

This can be a great opportunity if you can reach the spending requirement to get the bonus AND you’re able to pay the card off completely each month (so you don’t pay interest).

Doctor of Credit has a list of credit card bonuses that you can check out.

Make Money With Sponsored Social Media Posts

If you’re finally ready to become the influencer you always knew you could be, you can start making money with sponsored social media posts!

I have zero experience with this, but I know Alexis from Fitnancials does really well with sponsored posts (she even has a course about them!)

You can read her post about how she makes $3000 each month from sponsored posts.

Become a Telephone Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopping normally involved going to a place in person and buying something to help test out their customer service.

Buttt… You can actually do mystery shopping from home using your phone!

You might have to call a company and ask questions or “pretend” to purchase something – all so you can evaluate a company and help them improve!

Interested? Check out our article about telephone mystery shopping.

Forum Moderator / Social Media Moderator

If you’re pretty savvy with social media and online communities you can make some good money on the side by being a social media moderator / forum moderator.

Sounds interesting?

There is a company called eModeration (also known as Social Element) that hires social media moderators to work from home.

If you don’t have much experience with moderating social media – don’t worry, they will actually train you!

Check out our overview of eModeration here.

Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Want to help make search engines better?

There is a job called “Search Enginge Evaluator” where you can do just that!

Some of your responsibilities will include going through certain search results and determining if the result is relevant to the search query and if the source is trustworthy.

I know Lionbridge and Appen are some of the companies that hire search engine evaluators.

Sell Your Photos

If you have a good creative eye and some photogrpahy skills, you could make money by selling your photos.

Shutterstock (a stock photo website) is one of the places that will pay you money for your photos (once they sell).

Sell Your Unused Giftcards

You know those weird giftcards that you get from people for places that you never go to?

You can sell those for some extra cash!

Raise is one of my personal favorites. You can sell digital or physical giftcards through them and you can get your earnings through PayPal.

Sell Things on Amazon/eBay/Facebook Marketplace

If you have some items that you’re no longer using, you can sell them on places like Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace, or Mercari for some extra cash.

Think old toys, games, household items, almost anything!

Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

If you have some graphic design skills (or are willing to work on them) you could make some extra money by selling digital downloads on Etsy!

Digital downloads can be anything to digital planners or printable worksheets!

This is a great way to make extra money because once it’s listed on Etsy you can just keep selling them over and over – Etsy will even relist the items for you automatically!

If you’re interested in making money by selling printables online, check out our tutorial here.

Sell Clothes on Poshmark

This gets it’s own category because it’s a little different than just throwing something up on Facebook marketplace or eBay.

If you have some good condition or new clothes that you no longer use, I highly suggest using Poshmark to sell them!

Sell Your Old Electronics on Decluttr

I know you have some old electronics or media around your house.

That old first gen iphone, or that DVD of Christmas Vacation that you never watch anymore.

You can make money with those items by selling them to Decluttr!

Decluttr will buy your old phones, old tablets, video game consoles and games. They will also buy your old CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays.

Read our Decluttr review here.

Make Money Texting and Flirting Online

You can really make money flirting and texting from your phone.

You could actually make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more each month.

Phrendly is a super user-friendly website for making money texting, but there are other apps/services you can use, too!

Here’s my review of Phrendly, and here is my article that goes more in-depth on making money with sexting.

Make Money Selling Feet Pics

This is a thing, okay! You really can make money by selling pictures of your feet.

I’ll give you a minute to get over your disbelief.

If you’re interested in this side hustle, get yourself a pedicure and then read my article about making money by selling feet pics.

Make Money on Pornhub

You can make money on Pornhub from your amateur videos.

You can earn money from the ad revenue on Pornhub, from selling videos, tip money, and a few other ways.

If that sounds like something you might be into, you can check out our article about how to make money on Pornhub.

Make Money On The Side Offline

Are you willing to leave the comfort of your own home? Here are some good ways to make money on the side offline.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

You could earn a good chunk of money by driving for Uber or Lyft!

Even if you just did it a few days a month you could earn a few hundred dollars!

Deliver Food Through Postmates / Ubereats / Grubhub

If you aren’t into having passengers in your car, you could delivery people’s restaurant orders instead!

The Financial Panther does food delivery as a side hustle, and seems to make a decent amount! Check out his recent income report here.

Deliver Groceries Through Shipt

Shipt is a grocery delivery service available in a lot of areas here in the US.

I’ve seen people recommend Shipt as a side hustle option, and it seems like people really enjoy it!

If you’d like to know more about Shipt from someone who has actually tried it, check out this video from Tyra the Creative.


Petsit / Dog Walking

Love dogs? You can use Rover to earn money by petsitting and dog walking.

You can also use the WAG app to make money from dog walking.

The Gig Economy Guru has a great video that breaks down how you can make $1000+ a month from Rover and WAG.

Sell / Donate Plasma

If you’re willing to sit through the process, you can earn some extra cash every month from selling your plasma.

Become a Mystery Shopper

This is similar to the phone mystery shopper side hustle – only this one is not online.

Companies will pay you money to test out the customer service and products at certain places.

For example a mystery shopper company might pay you money to order from your local Pizza Hut to see how the customer service is and if they were able to get your order correct. The companies will even reimburse you for your purchases! So extra money AND free products!

Rent Your Car on Turo

If you have a car that you don’t use much, you could actually rent it out through Turo!

Becky from Sight Doing tried Turo herself and she wrote a review about it here.

Become an AirBnb Host

If you have some extra room in your house, you could make extra money by renting out the space through AirBnB.

This isn’t something I have experience in myself, but from what I’ve seen from the Financial Panther, you could make a few hundred dollars!

Be an Extra in a TV Show or Movie

This is one of the cooler ways you can make money on the side!

You can earn extra cash by being in the background while people film movies and TV shows!

The guys at Wallet Squirrel wrote a great post all about it – read it here.

Side Hustles That Can Replace Your Full-Time Income

Here are some good ways to make money on the side that you can scale up to eventually replace your job income.

Create an Ebook

There are some people that have created tiny (and big!) ebook empires!

Suzy from Start a Mom Blog sold an ebook as one of her first products and made thousands! She has a course about creating an ebook (that I’ve used myself!) called eBook by Number.

You can sell the ebook through your own website, or you could sell it through Amazon so it can be read/viewed on Amazon Kindles.

Become an Editor / Proofreader

If you have a good eye for catching mistakes, you could earn extra money byt becoming a proofreader / editor.

Caitling has a course called Proofread Anywhere that will teach you everything you need to know.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone that helps out business owners and other professionals virtually.

There are tons of different services a virtual assistant could offer! You could be doing email management, graphic design, writing…

Tons of stuff! Gina Horkey has a list of 150+ services you could offer as a virtual assistant.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a virtual assistant, you can read our post here.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you’re good with Pinterest you could make money by being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant!

And this doesn’t mean you just pin things (that could be one of your services, though!).

You could also help people set up their Pinterest Profiles, optimize people’s Pinterest profiles, help design pins, help with Pinterest Ads, and manage group boards!

You can read more about becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant here.

Become a Reseller

I did mention selling things on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook marketplace as a potential side hustle.

But that could also turn into a full-time gig!

Rob and Melissa from the Flea Market Flipper make six figures each year from selling things online! If you’re interested in this side hustle, you can check out their FREE webinar for more details.


Transcription is where you are given a piece of audio and you need to write down everything that is said in the audio.

This could be a part-time side hustle, but it’s also something that could be a full-time income!

If you’d like to learn more about transcription you can read our article (it also includes 50 different transcription jobs available).


If you have the training / knowledge, you could work from home as a bookkeeper.

The Work at Home Woman has a great article that includes work from home bookkeeping jobs.

Teach English Online

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you could make money teaching English online!

If you’re interested in this side hustle, check out QKids and VIPKid.

Become a Twitch Streamer

Twitch is a website where people can live stream content.

The streamers who stream can make money if people donate, or subscribe, some streamers even have merch or sell products!

Twitch was originally for video games but it’s evolved into something else. There are people who stream themselves cooking, traveling, even sleeping.

If you’re interested in making money as a Twitch Stream, I suggest checking out Ashnichrist’s YouTube channel (she’s a coach for streamers).

Start a Blog

There’s people who make six figures or more from their blogs!

I haven’t quite made the six-figure mark (or anything close to it – ahem), but it’s been one good ways to make money on the side for me.

If you’re interested in starting a blog here’s my Bluehost link!

Just kidding.

Here’s a great (and I mean great – it’s one of the best resources) guide about blogging from Pocket Business.

Other Good Ways to Make Money on the Side

If you’re looking for even MORE good ways to make money on the side here are some other good options:

Make Extra Money At Your Current Job

If you’re looking for good ways to make money on the side I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you already have a job?

If so, there a few things you can do to help increase your income at that job:

Ways to Grow Your Money

Once you’ve made some extra money on the side you should put that money to work so it can grow!

Here are some good ideas for growing your money:

Final Thoughts on Making Money on the Side

Can making extra money be a love language?

Okay sorry, sorry.

Anyway, side hustles are amazing things that can really change the tradjectory of your financial life. Seriously.

If you have some time, read through all these good ways to make money on the side and try at least one.

Even if it’s just the surveys. Having that extra money will definitely help (even if you don’t need it).

FAQs For Making Money On The Side

You got questions, we got answers.

What are the most profitable side hustles?

The most profitable side hustles are the ones that you can scale. Some good options are starting a blog, creating an ebook, and selling an online course.

What can I do for extra money?

You can do things like take surveys, test websites, and scan your grocery receipts.

How can I make $200 fast?

The best way to make $200 quick is sell something you already own!

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