The 13+ Best Part Time Work From Home Jobs

Do you have a busy schedule? Or maybe you just don’t want a full-time job at the moment?

A part-time job could give you the right about of flexibility!

I’ve found over 100 companies that have part-time work from home jobs. I’ve sorted everything by category, and added links to the companies.

Yup, all the research is totally done for you! (You’re welcome).

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If you have experience with account or bookkeeping, you can use that experience to secure a part-time job for yourself.

These 8 companies below hire part-time accountants / bookkeepers:

  1. Accounting Department – Hires accountants.
  2. Bateman & Co. – Hires staff accountants and interns.
  3. BIDaWIZ – Hires part-time tax, accounting, and finance professionals.
  4. Belay Solutions – Hires virtual bookkeepers
  5. Bookminders – Must live near one of their physical locations and must have a 4-year degree or 5+ years of accounting experience.
  6. ClickAccounts – Hires freelance bookkeepers
  7. ClickNwork – Hires finance consultants and finance analysts
  8. Robert Half – Staffing agency that places people into jobs. (Hires for accounting, finance, administration, technology, marketing, and legal).

Chat & Email Support Jobs

If you’re interested in doing a customer service-type job but don’t want to be on the phone, you could do email and chat support!

These types of jobs usually involve helping customers with basic things like product questions, billing information, and sometimes might involve troubleshooting.

Interested? Here are 6 companies that hire chat and email support reps:

  1. Apple – Hires chat tech support reps.
  2. The Chat Shop – Hires live chat agents. Pay starts at $10/hr
  3. – Hires support reps.
  4. Ipsy – Hires email support reps.
  5. LiveWorld – Hires chat support reps.
  6. MeetEdgar – Hires chat and email support reps.

If you’re interested in other non-phone work from home jobs, we have a list of those!

Customer Service

If you enjoy being on the phone, you could take a customer service job!

These types of jobs are usually always hiring, but they do require you to have a phone, a computer, and quiet place to work.

Sound good? Here are 7 companies that hire part-time customer service reps:

  1. Aira
  2. Apptical
  3. Blooms Today
  4. NexRep
  5. OmniIntereactions
  6. Sykes (Our Review)
  7. Yardi Matrix – (Seasonal)

Data Entry

If you need something very, very flexible (maybe you have kids or need to work odd hours), data entry could definitely work for you.

You don’t need much experience to do data entry, just a willingness to work!

Here are 11 companies that hire for data entry:

  1. Amazon MTurk – Short tasks like data entry and categorization.
  2. Axion Data – Hires data entry workers.
  3. ClickWorker – Short tasks (similar to Amazon MTurk)
  4. Dion Data – Pays per document.
  5. Lionbridge – Hires data entry workers.
  6. Microwrokers
  7. OneSpace
  8. The Smart Crowd – Hires data entry workers.
  9. Sigtrack – Help tag voters and double-check their data to make sure the information is complete and accurate.
  10. TTEC – Hires data entry workers.
  11. Xerox – Hires for data entry and verification.

ESL Teaching and Tutoring

If you’re interested in teaching english online, there’s quite a few companies you could work for!

To get into ESL tutoring or teaching you will most likely need a bachelor’s degree, and possibly a certification (depends on the company).

  1. 51 Talk – Teach english online. Must have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate.
  2. Cambly – Teach english online.
  3. EF Education First – Teach english online.
  4. GogoKid – Earn $14-$25/hr teaching english online.
  5. Magic Ears – Teach english online.
  6. NiceTalk – Teach english online.
  7. QKids – Teach english online.
  8. SayABC – Teach english online.
  9. VIPKid – Teach english online.

Proofreading & Editing

Do you have a background in editing? Or maybe you don’t have much experience but you’re great at spotting grammar mistakes?

Maybe editing or proofreading would be a good fit for you!

  1. AdLabs – Hires ad editors.
  2. American Journal Experts – Hires editors to edit scholarly articles.
  3. Cactus – Hires freelance writers to write scholarly articles.
  4. Copypress – Hires freelance editors
  5. EditFast – Hires editors and proofreaders.
  6. Editor World – Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  7. EditorLive – Hires document editors familiar with collegiate formatting.
  8. Enago – Hires freelance editors.
  9. Ephemera – Looking for writers who can write quippy-bumper-sticker-worthy copy.
  10. Gramlee – Hires freelance editors.
  11. Kibin – Hires essay editors.
  12. ManagedEditing – Hires freelance editors.
  13. Polished Paper – Hires essay editors.
  14. Proofreading Services – Hires proofreaders.
  15. ProofreadingPal – Hires proofreaders.
  16. ProofreadNow – Hires proofreaders.
  17. Scribendi – Hires freelance editors and proofreaders.
  18. Scribbr – Edit students’ academic writing.
  19. WordsRU – Must have masters degree or higher.
  20. Wordvice – Hires freelance editors.

Search Engine Evaluation

A search engine evaluator is someone who helps analyze search engine results to make sure they meet quality guidelines.

If you’re tech savvy this could be a great job for you!

  1. Appen – Hire search engine evaluators.
  2. KarmaHub – Hire search engine evaluators.
  3. Lionbridge – Hire search engine evaluators.
  4. Teemwork – Hires search engine evaluators.
  5. Workforce Logiq – Hires search engine evaluators.
  6. ZeroChaos – This company hires people to evaluate the quality of search engine ads.

Social Media Marketing & Moderation

If you’re social media savvy, you can become a moderator for social media and forums.

Your job might include moderating comments, posting updates, and more.

  1. $99 Social – Hiring content specialists.
  2. Alchemic-Dream – Hires moderators, community managers, and social media managers.
  3. Crisp Thinking – Hires moderators.
  4. Good Media – Hires social media managers.
  5. ICUC – Hires social media managers and interns.
  6. Ignite – Hires community managers.
  7. Khoros – Hires social media specialists.
  8. LiveWorld – Hires social media customer care agents.
  9. Metaverse Mod Squad –
  10. ModSquad – Hires social media moderators.
  11. Social Element – Hires social media managers.


Do you consider yourself fashion-forward?

Would you also enjoy working with people in a more service-based role?

You could be a virtual stylist! Yes, it’s a real thing.

If you’re interested in becoming a virtual stylist, you can view our guide here.

  1. Bombfell – Men’s stylist.
  2. Modsy – home decor stylist.
  3. Rocksbox – Accessory stylist.
  4. Stitch Fix – Now hiring for part-time stylists.


Like data entry, transcription can be a bit tedious (but there’s a lot more variety here).

For transcription, you listen to audio and type what you hear. These can be used for captions and transcripts.

There are a good amount of places that hire transcriptionists with little-to-no experience!

Your pay will increase once you get more experience (and if you get faster), and there are also certain types of transcription that pay more (like medical).

  1. 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP – Currently hiring transcriptionists.
  2. 3PlayMedia – Currently hiring transcript editors.
  3. Accentance – Hires transcriptionists.
  4. AccuTran Global – Hires transcriptionist to do real-time captioning
  5. Allegis Transcription – Hires entry-level transcriptionists.
  6. Babbletype – Hires transcriptionists.
  7. CastingWords – Hires transcriptionists.
  8. Daily Transcription – Pays $.75 – $.85 per audio minute.
  9. eScribers – Hires transcriptionists.
  10. Focus Forward – Hires transcriptionists.
  11. GMR Transcription – Hires general transcriptionists.
  12. GoTranscript – Pays $.60 an audio minute.
  13. Net Transcripts – Hires transcriptionists.
  14. Phoenix Medcom – Virtual medical scribes
  15. Quicktate – Hires entry-level transcriptionists.
  16. – General transcriptionists (no experience needed)
  17. Scribie – Transcribe short files (10 minutes to less) and earn $5-$20 an audio hour.
  18. SpeakWrite – Hires transcriptionists.
  19. Tigerfish – Hires transcriptionists.
  20. – Hires transcriptionists.
  21. TranscribeMe – Earn $15-$22 an audio hour.
  22. Transcription Experts – Hires transcriptionists.
  23. Transcription For Everyone – Hires transcriptionists.
  24. Ubiqus – Hires transcriptionists.
  25. Verbal Ink – Hires transcriptionists.
  26. Voxtab – Hires transcriptionists.
  27. Way With Words – Hires transcriptionists.


If you have a degree and some experience with tutoring, you can also do it from home!

  1. Aim for A – Hires online tutors for a variety of subjects.
  2. ASAP Tutor – Currently hiring tutors for statistics, economics, finance, accounting, and calculus.
  3. BrainFuse – Hires online tutors.
  4. BuddySchool – Hires online tutors.
  5. Chegg Tutors – Hires tutors for middle school, high school, and college subjects.
  6. Homework Doctors – Hires tutors for subjects and test prep.
  7. Manhattan Prep – Hires tutors for test prep.
  8. PrestoExperts – Hires online tutors.
  9. Revolution Prep – Hires online tutors.
  10. Rosetta Stone – Hires online tutors.
  11. Skooli – Hires online tutors.
  12. Studypool – Earn up to $7,500/month by answering homework questions.
  13. Tutapoint – Provide one-on-one tutoring services or provide instant homework help.
  14. Tutor Doctor – Hires online tutors.
  15. – Hires part-time tutors. (Must be available at least 5 hours a week).
  16. TutorMe – Make at least $16/hour tutoring online.
  17. Varsity Tutors – Connects tutors with online tutoring jobs.
  18. Wyzant – Set your own rate for 1-on-1 tutoring.
  19. Yup – Hires online tutors.

Virtual Assistant

There’s tons of services you can offer as a virtual assistant, and you don’t need a ton of experience!

You can be a general virtual assistant, or you can offer services such as writing, graphic design, and editing.

  1. 24/7 Virtual Assistants – Hires US-based virtual assistants. Pays $10-$12 per hour.
  2. Assistant Match – Hires virtual assistants
  3. Belay Solutions – Hires virtual assistants
  4. Byron – Must live in the US and have at least 3+ years of experience as an executive assistant or virtual assistant.
  5. Contemporary VA – Hires virtual assistants
  6. Elite Virtual Assistants – Hires executive and legal assistants.
  7. Fancy Hands – Hires US-based virtual assistants.
  8. Ideas Unlimited – Hires general virtual assistants.
  9. Leverage – Hires general virtual assistants. Knowledge of Asana, Intercomm, GSuite a plus.
  10. NS Virtual Services – Hires virtual assistants.
  11. OkayRelax – Hires virtual assistants.
  12. – Hires virtual assistants.
  13. Surplus Hands – Hires virtual assistants.
  14. Time, Etc. – Hires virtual assistants.
  15. Worldwide 101 – Hires virtual assistants.

Website Testing

You can earn money by giving your opinion on different websites and apps! You can do this through companies like UserTesting and Userlytics.


Freelance writing is a great non-phone work from home job! It’s usually incredibly flexible (just meet your deadline), and you can usually get started without any experience.

You can also potentially make a lot more money by finding your own private clients.

  1. Back to College – Accepts articles about adults returning to college. Pays $55+ for original articles.
  2. BestPickist – Hires writers to create buyer guides and user guides.
  3. Buy Keyword Articles – Hires freelance article writers.
  4. Calypso – Greeting card writers
  5. Constant Content – Hires freelancers to write posts, ebooks, press releases, and more.
  6. The Content Panel – Hires freelance article writers.
  7. Copypress – Hires freelance bloggers
  8. Craigslist – Hires freelance bloggers
  9. Crowd Content – Hires freelance article writers.
  10. Fiverr – Hires freelance bloggers
  11. The HOTH – Hires content writers and marketing copywriters. Pay depends on amount of words written.
  12. LifeTips – Hires writers to create tip guides on a variety of subjects.
  13. Matador – Hires travel writers.
  14. Online Writing Jobs – Is currently hiring SEO writers, copywriters, bloggers, and subject-matter experts.
  15. People Per Hour – Hires freelance article writers.
  16. Problogger – Hires freelance article writers.
  17. Randstad Risesmart – Hires resume writers
  18. Scripted – Hires freelance writers in over 24 countries.
  19. Skyword – Hires writers.
  20. Textbroker – Hires freelance article writers.
  21. Upwork – Hires freelance article writers.
  22. Words of Worth – Hires freelance article writers.
  23. Writer Access – Hires freelance article writers.
  24. Verblio – Connects writers to people hiring freelancers. You could be writing articles, ebooks, ecommerce subscriptions and more.


There you go, over 100+ companies that hire part-time workers!

Have you tried any of these jobs? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!

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