SuperPay.Me Review (Our Experience + Full Guide) says that it’s a trusted GPT website where you can earn money by doing things like taking surveys, completing offers, and playing games.

Is legit? Can you earn money with And if you can earn money, how much can you make? Will it be worth your time?

I recently joined and attempted to earn money with it. In this article, I’ll give you all the details about and I’ll also be sharing my personal experience with the website, including how much I earned, how long it took me to earn money, and if I would recommend to other people.

What is is a website that lets users make money by taking surveys, completing offers, and playing games. offers hundreds of daily surveys that users can complete, and they have over 685,000 users, and have paid out over 5 MILLION dollars since opening in 2012.

An image showing the number of users of and how much has paid out since 2012.

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Company Info

  • Founded: 2011
  • Name: (owned and operated by 99 Ventures Ltd.)
  • Located: 99 Ventures Ltd, 43 Berkeley Square, London
  • CEO: Alan Stables
  • SocialsTwitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone Number: 020-8150-3523

What is the signup process?

The signup process for is very straightforward:

  1. First, go to the homepage, and click “join today“.
  2. Then fill out all the information, including your name, email, and pick a username and password.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions and finish creating your account.
  4. Confirm your account by verifying your email address.
  5. Start making money!
An image showing the registration page of superpay me.

Who can join

  • Age Requirments: According to the help section, you need to be at least 18 years old to join.
  • Country Requirements: is open to people from all countries. (Source: help section)
  • Device Requirements: Laptop and/or Desktop (there is no mobile app at this time).
  • Payout Requirements: Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, or Wise

How Does Work? is like most survey and GPT websites:

  • You signup for an account and collect your $0.20 signup bonus
  • Start taking surveys
  • And/Or try out some of the paid offers
  • Your account will be credited within 24 hours for the surveys and offers you completed
  • Once your balance reaches $1, you can withdraw

How do you earn money on SuperPay.Me?

There are quite a few ways to earn money through, including taking surveys, paid offers, contests, watching videos, playing games, inviting your friends, and promoting on social media.

I’ll go into detail into each way you can earn money on

SuperPay.Me Surveys

One of the main ways you can earn money with is with their paid surveys. offers different third-party survey walls that you can earn money with.

Because these are third party companies that are offering these surveys, and not directly, you may have to fill out your demographics each time you take a survey – which may be a little time-consuming. offers surveys with YourSurveys, CPX Research, BitLabs, Peanut Labs, Daily Surveys, More Surveys, PureSpectrum, Revenue Wall, Theoremreach, Yuno, Opinion Capital, Tap Research, Precision Sampe, and more.

You can also see what the most popular surveys are for the day: also offers different paywalls where you can earn money by signing up for different products and services.

Some of these products and services will be free, and others will be a paid product or service. has a few trial and signup offers that they offer directly, and they also have offerwalls from AdsendMedia, OfferToro, AdGatemedia, Lootably, RevU, AyeT, Peanut Labs, and SaySo Rewards.

Cash Contests

Every quarter runs a cash contest where they reward the user who have earned the most money during that quarter.

The top person wins $350, the second place winner gets $200, third place gets $100, 4th and 5th place get $50 each, 6th – 10th place gets $30 each, and 11th – 20th place gets $10 each.

If you’re interested in joining a contest all you need to do is start earning money! You can see if you’ve made the top 20 by clicking on “Contests”.

Watching Videos

If you’re interested in watching videos for extra money, you can do that on!

All you need to do is navigate to the Adsend paywall by clicking on the “Offerwalls” link. Then you can click on the “videos” tab to see the available video categories.

According to the info I found, you get about 3 points per video watched, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many you can view.

Promoting SuperPay.Me on Social Media

If you decide you like, you can earn some extra cash by promoting them on social media!

Currently you can earn money by following them on twitter, leaving a Trustpilot review, creating a TikTok video about, and by creating a YouTube video about

Inviting Friends / Referrals

Love You can earn money by referring your friends!

If someone successfully uses your link and signs up, you will earn 25% of whatever they earn (that’s super generous!).

How much can you make from

How much you earn depends on what method you’re using to earn money. If you’re taking surveys, you can earn anywhere from $0.30 – $2 per survey. If you’re completing a paid offer or free trial, you can earn anywhere from $1 – $15+, and if you’re watching videos to earn money, you can earn about $0.03 per short video watched.

Convert Your Points

Before trying to get paid, you need to convert your points to cash (because you can only withdraw your cash balance).

To convert your points, click on your points total (in the top right).

Then click the “Convert Points & Cash” green button.

You can choose how many points you’d like to convert. You can also convert some of your cash to points if you wish.

How much are points worth?

According to the help section on the website, one point is equal to $0.01

How do payments work on

Payments on work similar to other GPT and survey websites:

  • You take a survey or complete an offer and your account is credited with either points or cash.
  • If you are paid in points, convert this to cash so the balance can be paid out.
  • Then when you’ve reached the withdraw minimum you can select your payout method and withdraw your earnings.
  • Wait up to 8 hours to receive your payment.

Depending on what withdraw method you choose, the withdraw minimum can vary. Also how much you can withdraw also depends on which payout method you choose.

PayPal & Instant PayPal

If you are interested in using PayPal to withdraw your earnings, then you can either choose a regular PayPal option or instant Paypal. Both options only require you to have $1 in your account, and both options are paid within 8 hours.

**The instant opition only lets you withdraw $50 daily.

There is no fee to use either PayPal option.


If you are wanting to use Skrill to withdraw your earnings you need to have at least $5 in your account.

There is no fee to use this option and you will get your earnings within 8 hours.


If you are interested in using Wise to withdraw your earnings, you need to have at least $20 in your account.

There is a 2.5% fee to use this option, but you will get your payment within 8 hours.


If you’re intersted in using Bitcoin as a payout option, you need at least $30 in your account.

There is no fee to use this option, and you will get your earnings within 8 hours.

What is customer support like?

The customer support on is incredibly responsive and helpful.

You can either reach the support team by emailing or you can use the support ticket system through your account.

If you want to create a support ticket, click the “Help” link in your account and then click the green “Create a Support Ticket”. Then you will be taken to the support ticket page where you can create a ticket.

You will recieve a response within 8 hours if you create a ticket.

My Experience With

An image showing my total earnings on

When reviewing different websites and ways to make money, I try my best to give whatever I’m testing a fair shot.

In June 2022, I tried out for over 10 hours, trying out the different survey walls and other ways to earn money.

Unfortunately from the screenshot you can see that I only make a total of $0.22 during that entire time, and $0.20 of it was the signup bonus!

I’m not sure if it was my demographics or if I just happened to be incredibly unlucky, but I got disqualified from almost every single survey I tried, and was only able to complete one survey. And from that one survey I made 73 points which converted to $0.0073 (less than a penny!).

Overall, my experience with wasn’t positive, and earning money with was like pulling teeth (tough!).

Tips For Making More Money on

The best tip I can give you to help maximize your earnings, is trying as many of the survey walls as possible. Don’t stick with just one until you’ve tried most of them, that way you can figure out which one gives you the most surveys, and which survey wall gives you the best pay rate.

What are the pros and cons of

Every website has it’s pros and cons! Here are the pros and cons of

✔️ Pros

  • Tons of Surveys Available: There are hundreds of surveys available daily throug h the different survey walls that are available on
  • Fast Payments: You can get a payment within 8 hours (if you use PayPal, Skrill, Wise, or Bitcoin).
  • Lots of Payout Options: You can withdraw your earnings to PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Wise
  • Low Payout Threshold: If you withdraw your earnings to PayPal, the minimum is only $1

❌ Cons

  • No Mobile App: There is no mobile at this time, and the website is not very mobile-friendly.
  • Takes a Long Time to Earn Money: The surveys are a bit long for the pay, and there’s a high chance of disqualification. Reviews From Other Users

Overall, it seems that most users enjoy using – they have a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, a 4.7 rating on Feefo, and a 4.8 on

Most users have liked how fast they can accumulate earnings and how quickly those earnings are paid out.

For users that didn’t have the same positive experience, some have said that they had their accounts shut down due to fraud, and other users have complained that it takes a long time to earn money.

Here are some positive, neutral, and negative reviews from people that have used


“Super easy way to earn money semi quick and you can actually withdraw your earnings pretty fast as well!” – Hannah (Trustpilot)

“Love this site!! Many different surveys and offers to choose from. Payout with as little as $1, and usually paid within a couple hours!” – Jas327 (


“They do pay very fast which is nice and no min payout amount. Better survey options and I only seem to get credited for cpx surveys for some reason and most of the higher value ones don’t work on my end” – Kbagnell (Feefo)

“I like them because they actually pay you on time. I have had issues with my account being shut down a few times but nothing a ticket shouldn’t fix.” – Cedric (Trustpilot)


“So bad!! My account got suspended without no reason. Then I created a ticket about why I got suspended, but they said to me that I am blacklisted without any reason!!” – Amal (Trustpilot)

“I tries a lot for last two day but there is no survey here. Sometime says all survey ate, sometime says survey not matched with ur profile. I fed up” – Abdul (Trustpilot)

Final Thoughts About (Is worth it?)

While has tons of different ways to earn money, including hundreds of surveys available daily, I wasn’t able to earn much money with this website.

During my testing period I earned less than $0.25 despite trying out dozens of different surveys.

There does seem to be people who are earning a good amount with this website, but I didn’t have the same experience.

Because of my low earnings I can’t fully reccomend this website.

However, if you’re outside of the US or Canada, and are finding it difficult to find websites where you can signup, maybe could work for you?

If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can signup and get a free $0.20 signup bonus.

[button label=”Join” url=””] Alternatives

PaidViewpointSurvey JunkieAmerican Consumer OpinionPinecone Research
Average Earning Per Survey$0.50 – $3$0.50 – $10$1 – $3$3
Average Survey Length1 – 10 minutes1 – 15 minutes5 – 20 minutes10 – 20 minutes
Payout MethodsPayPal, gift cardsPayPal, gift cardsPayPal, Gift cardsBank Transfer, Gift cards
Minimum Payout$5 – $15$10$10$3 vs PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is a survey website I recommend to anyone interested in making money with surveys.

PaidViewpoint has one of the best pay rates for surveys, where you can easily make at least $0.10 per minute, which is better than most of the surveys found on

PaidViewpoint also offers PayPal and gift cards as a payout method, and after a few payouts you can withdraw your earnings on PaidViewpoint as soon as you reach $5. vs Survey Junkie

If you’re interested in making money by taking surveys, then you’ve probably heard of Survey Junkie already!

Survey Junkie is a great alternative to They have tons of surveys available at any time, and you can make a pretty good pay rate for the surveys.

Like the other survey websites on this list, Survey Junkie offers a few different payout methods, including PayPal and gift cards. vs American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion (or ACOP) is another great alternative to

American Consumer Opinion has a low withdraw minimum at $10 which is a little higher than’s withdraw minimum of $1. ACOP also has a variety of payout methods, including gift cards and PayPal.

Overall, it seems that ACOP surveys pay a little more than the surveys found on vs Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of my favorite survey websites. Pinecone has one of the best pay rates I’ve ever seen ($3 for a 15-20 minute survey), which makes it better than in this category.

While the payment minimum for is $1, Pinecone Research‘s is $3 – but that’s not much of a difference.

Both survey websites offer gift cards as a payment option, and Pinecone offers bank transfer as a payment option, but does not have a PayPal payout option.

Pinecone Research also only seems to be available in fewer countries.

FAQs About

Is available in the Philippines?

Yes not only is available in the Philippines, it’s also available in every other country!

Does have a mobile app? does not have a mobile app at this time, and the website is not mobile-friendly.

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