Throwback Thursday – May 2020

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Throwback Thursday is a series where I share older (6+ months) personal finance posts.

Why the world of personal finance needs more politics – This piece from Helaine Olen makes a case for the connection between personal finance and politics.

I’ve read this one a few times already, and now I’m kicking myself for not talking about politics sooner.


(Originally From September 2019)

What FIRE Bloggers Owe Readers // A Blogging Manifesto – This is from Our Next Life. This one is a bit difficult to explain in just a few sentences, but I’ll do my best. Tanja (from Our Next Life) calls for FIRE bloggers to be more transparent about their journey and motivations.

This is the article that inspired me to change my website around and share more details of my kinda-FIRE journey.

(Originally From March 2018)

Coming Clean: How Financial Independence Came More Easily & I’m Not Exactly Retired – This post is from Physician on FIRE is a bit of a response to the Blogging Manifesto post from Our Next Life.

PoF talks about the advantages he’s had on his path to FI, and explains his side gigs and other ways he’s been earning money.

I dig the transparency!

(Originally From March 2018)

The Solo 401k: The Side Hustler’s Bonus Retirement Account – This post is from Financial Panther.

Keven from FP explains how he uses the Solo 401k as a side hustler to save more money for retirement.

….I didn’t even know Solo 401ks existed before reading his post.

(Originally From January 22, 2018)

Easy Secrets to Affordable Meal Planning – from Money and Mountains.

This post from Kathryn is basically a masterclass on meal planning. It explains the basics, shows you some places to find cheap meal plans, and there’s a meal planning printable.

(Originally From April 2019)

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