The Best Cash Envelope Wallet Systems

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Using the cash envelope budgeting system can be a great way to manage your money.

If you don’t know how it works or what exactly it is, you can check out our in-depth guide here.

Once you’ve learned about cash budgeting and you’re ready to try it out yourself, then it’s time to find a cash wallet system that works for you.

Are You Ready For A Cash Envelope System?

Woah there tiger, before you spend money on a cash envelope system, make sure you’ve actually tried out the system yourself.

You can use regular envelopes or a coupon organizer to hold your cash.

Once you get the hang of the cash envelope budgeting system (and you like it), THEN you should feel comfortable investing in a cash envelope system / wallet.

What to Look For In A Cash Envelope System

Now that you know you actually want a cash envelope wallet system (for real this time), it’s time to figure out exactly what you want in a system.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Space For Envelopes / Categories – How many envelopes do you want to be able to carry at once? Just one or two? Maybe more? Five? Think about what envelopes you use on a daily / weekly basis.
  • What Else You Carry – Do you just want wallet system that holds your envelopes only? Or do you want to carry cards or other things with you?
  • Size – Do you want something thin and delicate? Or do you need a monster wallet that can hold the entire contents of your office?
  • Price – How much would you like to spend on a cash envelope system?

Here Are Our Top 3 Choices:

Best Cash Envelope System Wallets

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here are the best cash envelope system wallets:

Dave Ramsey Envelope System

This cash envelope wallet system is from Dave Ramsey (the guy who made cash envelopes trendy).

The envelope system comes with 8 envelopes, debit card slots, and pouches for your coins, coupons, and receipts.

Savvy Cents Wallet

The Savvy Cents Wallet is a popular choice for people who use the envelope system.

The wallet uses an accordion file system to hold your cash, and there’s tabs where you can label things. There’s also room for 6+ cards, your ID, and receipts.

The wallet also comes in 10 fun colors like black, blush pink, red and plaid!

Bella Taylor Cash System Wallet from The BitLoom Co.

The Bella Taylor Cash Wallet System is a stylish choice for people looking for an understated solution for their cash envelopes.

The wallets have 8 cash envelope slots, 6 card slots, 2 window ID slots, a pocket for your checkbook, a pen loop, and one extra pocket.

There’s even RFID blocking to keep your information safe.

Divvy Up The Savvy

The Divvy Up The Savvy wallet is a great choice for the serious cash budgeter who likes to carry around multiple envelopes at a time.

This large capacity wallet comes with FIVE magnetic envelopes (and the wallet holds them all)! The wallet also has room for your phone, checkbook, has 12 card slots, a zippered pouch for coins, and has 2 large pockets.

Rnairni Cash Envelopes Wallet

The Rnairni Cash Envelope Wallet comes bundled with a bunch of bonuses which makes this wallet perfect for gift-giving or treating yourself!

The wallet bundle comes with the wallet, a removable wrist strap, a binder, 12 budget envelopes, 12 budget sheets, 5 dividers, 14 sticker labels, a ruler, a calendar, a 14-month budget insert, and a 54 week to-do insert.

Tyvek Cash Wallet

The Tyvek Cash Wallets are perfect for anyone looking for a budget-friendly option (you can usually find them for under $15).

The wallets are water and stain-resistant, and have 5 slots to place your cash envelopes.

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