Smart Dollars Club Review (Real or Fake?) Here’s Our Review!

by Brittney | Last Updated: October 9, 2020

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I know why you clicked. You’re wondering about Smart Dollars Club. You probably want to know if it’s legit or fake, and if you can even make money from it.

Don’t worry, I got you.

I’ll give you all the details. We’ll talk about what Smart Dollars Club, including how it works, if you can make money, and we’ll share our review (because we tried it!).

💰 Here’s the quick answer to Is Smart Dollars Club a scam?: Yes, Smart Dollars Club is a scam. It’s not a real survey website where you can earn money from them. It was set up to help promote affiliates. It’s also identical to another website, PaidClub. If you want to make money with surveys, try our favorite website, Survey Junkie.

If you’re interested in hearing more, keep on reading.

What is Smart Dollars Club?

Smart Dollars Club Homepage

Smart Dollars Club is a survey website that claims that you can earn $300 on your first day. They also claim that they will send you a $100 survey.

We both know that sounds pretty crazy, right? Definitely too good to be true!

Infographic from Smart Dollars Club

Smart Dollars Club says that all you need to do is sign-up and you’ll be INSTANTLY qualified for surveys. They say that they will start sending you surveys and exclusive offers and that they GUARANTEE you will make $300+ daily with their surveys and exclusive offers. 🤥

Hmm… Sounds fishy…

How Does Smart Dollars Club Work?

First you signup by giving your email. They don’t ask for any other info but your email.

Then supposedly you will get a $100 survey and an opportunity to earn $300 per day.

Our Smart Dollars Club Review (Yep We Actually Tried It!)

Okay, now you know how Smart Dollars Club says they work. Now let’s get into how it actually works when you try it.

To confirm my suspicions (and to see if it actually works), I decided to try signing up for Smart Dollars Club myself.

I went to their homepage and put in my email address.

Then I was are presented with this wonderful error page:

Yo, where’s my $100 survey I was promised?!

So dang I couldn’t even signup if I really wanted to. RIP $100 survey and $300 days!

But I remembered that I tried another site,, and I actually did a review on it!

PaidClub is actually a clone of Smart Dollars Club, I mean just look at their home page:

Pretty similar, right?

So I had totally forgotten about this review I did (it was form 2019, so let me live!). I actually had tried Smart Dollars Club back then, so I’m going to add what I found here:

I was able to signup successfully! (Notice how similar it is to the page). I checked my email and found I was eligible for a $100 survey!
Smart Dollars Club $100 Survey

I was skeptical, but I clicked on the link in the email and was redirected to Survey Voices to signup. Not Smart Dollars Club or…
Survey Voices

And here’s the thing, Survey Voices is a legitimate survey website (that I actually like!), but I also know you can receive a little bit of money if you refer people to them, which I think Smart Dollars Club and are trying to do. So this pretty much confirms to me that and Smart Dollars Club are scams!

Is Smart Dollars Club Legit or a Scam?

Smart Dollars Club is a scam, unfortunately.

It no longer works, but when it DID work, you were redirected to other survey websites to take surveys there.

None of these other websites were Smart Dollars Club-branded and I was never given a real chance at a $100 survey or $300 days!

There are also no legal pages on Smart Dollars Club, or an about page.. Or anything really. Just a buggy signup part that leads to an error page.

There are a TON of red flags with this website, here are all of them:

Promises of $100+ Surveys and $300+ Days

$100 surveys and $300 survey days just don’t really exist. And if they do you can’t get to them with just a simple submission of your email. It just doesn’t work that way.

There are some $100 survey-like things you could do, like online focus groups, but these are far and in between.

If you try any website that promises $100+ surveys (and $300 days) these are most likely scamming you.

Too Simple of a Signup

This is an issue I also had with, surveys are for researchers or brands to find out more about a specific group of people and their opinions/reactions to things.

So when you signup for a survey website you SHOULD have to put in demographic information like your age, your ethnicity, what nationality you are, things like that.

This is how survey websites match you to surveys that are right for you (and the brands and researchers).

Every legit survey website that I know of, will ask for demographic information!

If you end up signing up for a website that doesn’t ask for any demographics information, you need to be very very cautious.

“Instantly” Approved For Surveys

Remember back there when I said how you need to put in demographic information?

Think about it a bit more. How can you really be approved for surveys and be guaranteed surveys that you aren’t even matched with?

And how could any of these surveys that you aren’t matched with give you over $100 per survey or add up to $300 in a day?

Seems off, right?

If you are ever instantly approved for surveys, you should be taking a second look.

Similair To

As you can see in the screenshots above, Smart Dollars Club is almost identical to

Why would there ever be a clone if it’s legitimate? Why not just have one website?

If you see a clone of another website like Smart Dollars Club is a clone of, side-eye it HARD.

No Privacy Policy Or About Page

Smart Dollars Club doesn’t have a privacy policy or any other legal page I could find.

There also wasn’t an about page, or any other page where I could find out more info about this company.

On every website that collects your personal information (email, name, etc) there should be a Privacy Policy.

You have a right to see what data a website collects and what that data will be used for.

Smart Dollars Club Alternatives You Should Try

If you still want to take surveys for money, check out our favorite websites:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a website where you can take surveys for points, and you can redeem these points for cash or gift cards!

Prolific Academic

I’ve been using Prolific Academic since last year, and I absolutely love it! The surveys pay well, and you only need $5 to be able to get a payment through PayPal.