Paid Forum Posting

by Brittney | Last Updated: July 25, 2020

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Are you pretty savvy when it comes to online forums and social media? You can put those skills to good use by doing paid forum posting!

If you haven’t heard of paid forum posting, we’ll go over all the details! Including what it is, how much it pays, and where you can find paid forum posting jobs.

What is paid forum posting?

There are companies that hire people to post on their forums. These forums are usually either just starting (so they want the forum to seem more active to entice new people to join), or the forums are dead (and people want to resurrect the forums).

You will usually be asked to post a number of times a day or week, and the posts will need to seem like posts that “normal” users would naturally post. This means you should be replying to people, asking relevant questions, and adding new posts of your own.

To become a paid forum poster you of course need a computer, internet, and some time to actually do the work.

Also, it helps to be somewhat familiar with the forum you will be posting on. Do some research, see what content gets posted, and use this information when its time to make your own posts.

How much does paid forum posting pay?

Well, it depends on how many postings you do, and what company you’re working for. Most paid forum posting jobs pay per post, and you will earn an average of $0.25 per post.

Where to Find Paid Forum Posting Jobs

If paid forum posting sounds like an interesting opportunity for you, here are 5 different companies where you can find work.

I highly suggest looking into all of these options and signing up. By having a few active accounts, you’ll be able to maximize the amount of forum posting work you have, and you can make more money!


ExtraDime is a website that focuses on shopping deals and saving money.

You can earn up to $0.15 for each new thread started on ExtraDime, $0.50 for becoming a member, and $0.50 for referring people to ExtraDime.

Payments are made via PayPal (once your account reaches $5). You can earn a maximum of $599 per year, and a maximum of $49 per month on ExtraDime.

To sign up and start earning, visit their website.

The Forum Wheel

The Forum Wheel is another place where you can become a paid forum poster. To be accepted you need to create an account on their website, and activate it. Then you will need to register in their special “Gateway” forum and complete 10 test posts. After those posts have been completed your account will be fully activated in a few hours (if you did everything correctly).

If you’re interested in The Forum Wheel, you can visit their site for more information.


myLot is a bit different than some of the other websites on this list – it’s actually a social media website where you can earn money for your posts.

With myLot you can earn money from creating threads and responding to other threads. Once you reach $5 in earnings, you will be paid via PayPal.

Visit myLot to learn more about their earnings program.

Paid Forum Posting is a company that creates different types of content for their clients. They offer SEO content, blog comments, and forum posting (among other things).

To become a writer on Paid Forum Posting, you need to create an account, and do 7 test forum posts. The posts must be good quality (free of errors) and you must follow their instructions.

If you’re interested in becoming a writer for Paid Forum Posting, go to their employment page to get more information.

Professional Forum Posters

Professional Forum Posters is another place where you can earn money for posting on forums.

To be become eligible to take paid assignments, you need to read their rules and style guide, and create 10 test posts / replies. The test posts must be at least 25 words, but no more than 50 words and must be free of errors.

When you’ve completed your 10 posts, a staff member will review the, and let you know if you’ve been approved.

If you’re interested in working with Professional Forum Posters, you can head to their website for more information.

Other Places to Find Paid Forum Posting Jobs: