Organize Your Finances In 7 Days (Intro)

You need to get your financial shit together buddy.


Did you know that 64% of Americans say money is a somewhat or very significant source of stress.

Learning about that statistic kind of fucked me up. I was so sad that so many people were stressed out about money. 

Yes, I understand money is an emotional thing for most people. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

I don’t want you to be a part of that 64% group. I want to help take the stress and confusion out of managing your money so you can focus on other things.

So many people focus on cutting spending and budgeting first, but if you don’t even know where you stand financially, how can you really start budgeting or making financial goals?

So I created this bootcamp as step 0 in managing your finances.

Over the next 7 days we’ll go over getting all your financial paperwork sorted (yeah those bills you don’t open), consolidating all the information into one place, finding your net worth, checking your credit, and we’ll even go into some mindset stuff (I promise to keep the woo-woo to a minimum!).

I’ve broken everything down into digestible pieces, all you gotta do is commit to reading a section each day and completing the steps – all the steps.

I promise by the end your finances will be more organized and you’ll feel so much better.

You totally got this, okay? 

Let’s do this! 👍

Small Note

It’s okay if some of the steps take you longer than 7 days, just do what you want.

Just don’t stop moving forward.