Balances, APR, Paperless, Oh My! [OYF #5]

Okay we’re in the home stretch! 

Today we’re going to grab some more details about our financial accounts.

For each account, I want you to grab the current balance, the APR (annual percentage rate) [if applicable], the interest rate [if applicable], and any other important information about the account.

You should be able to find the APR and current balance on your recent statements (or online!)

The APR will look something like this on your statement:

(The APR is 22.24% for this account).

Alssooooo if you really want to get fancy, try going paperless (if you’re still getting paper statements).

In the spreadsheet you downloaded yesterday (here it is again), there is a sheet called “Account Balances”, you can place the balance, APR, and other information in there.

Don’t just add your financial accounts, also add things like that gym bill that never got paid, the money you owe your work buddy Michelle (remember when she bought you lunch last week?). 

This is going to be helpful when we calculate your net worth!

That’s all you have to do today!