May 2020 Side Hustle Income Report – $317.59

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Hi hello! Welcome to the first monthly side hustle income report!

I’m going to my best to break down exactly how I made money last month.

A Few Notes:

  • For most of the month, things were still shut down, so I focused on online side hustles. I’m hoping as things open back up I can start looking for things I can do away from home.
  • This is my first month officially tracking things, so I didn’t set a big goal for myself (I just wanted to cover hosting for all my websites – which is $25/month).

Side Hustle Income for May 2020

  • Freelancing: $150
  • Reselling: $105
  • Paid Surveys: $52.83
  • eBates: $7.50
  • Ezoic Ads: $2.26

Total Side Hustle Income: $317.59

I’d eventually like to get my side hustle earnings up to $1000/month, but I think $300+ is a great start!


I wrote 3 blog posts for a client (at $50 a pop) for a total of $150. This is probably the side hustle that has the best hourly rate.

It does pay well but I get so nervous pitching people – but I know I need to do more of it to help increase my income.

I think I’m going to try to pitch at least 3 times a week in June. Wish me luck!

If you’re interested in getting into freelance writing, I took this course by Gina Horkey. If you aren’t ready to take her course, she has a great blog post about getting started with freelance writing here.


eBay sales before fees. Hey look I’ve made $1,841.18 in sales over the last 90 days!

I wasn’t sure if I should count this as a true side hustle since I can’t really repeat this next month… But oh whatever.

I’ve been doing some decluttering the last few months and I’ve been selling whatever I don’t need online.

This month I sold an anime figure for $50 on Reddit, and I sold two video games on eBay for $55 total.

Paid surveys are my favorite way to make extra money (seriously!). I know I won’t get rich with these, but man, they’re just so EASY.

Here are the specific survey websites I used last month:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie pays you in points that you can redeem for giftcards or PayPal cash. There’s always a ton of surveys to do, and I’ve caught some high-paying ones before ($45+).

Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a UK-based website (they pay in pounds), but there’s always a lot of good surveys for people in the US and Canada. Prolific Academic seems to be getting more popular these days, so you actually have to check a few times a day to see if there’s anything available.

There’s also a chrome extension called Prolific Assistant that will alert you when there’s a new survey available (definitely look into getting it if you sign up for Prolific Academic).


PaidViewpoint is another great survey website to use! I check this one once a day (after I’ve done available surveys on Prolific Academic and Survey Junkie.

They have a lot of shorter surveys, and they don’t pay as well as the other survey websites, but PaidViewpoint is a nice little filler to use when there isn’t much available elsewhere.


I’ve used eBates since 2015!! I still love them!

If you don’t know what eBates is, it’s a website that gives you cashback for shopping online (for freeee). All you need to do is go through their shopping portal or use the browser extension.

Each quarter they send you all the cash you’re owed via PayPal or a physical check, this month I got a check for $7.50. I’ll take it.

Ezoic Ads

This includes the $1.90ish I made in April (just FYI)

I have a few niche websites (other than this one) that I’m attempting to grow. So far they’ve been monetized with Google Adsense ads, but in April I switched them all over to Ezoic.

So far I’ve only made a few dollars – but I’m getting a better RPM with Ezoic than I had with Google, so I’m happy!

Goals For Next Month

Okay, next month I’d like to make a minimum of $100. I do want to still get some freelance writing in, but I want to focus on the websites more.

I think in the long run they’ll be more profitable and it would be nice to earn money from something I own 100% of.

Side Hustles To Try

  • Affiliate Marketing – I’m going to focus on writing at least one affiliate heavy post per website next month, it’s time to start making some money!
  • – Rev is a transcription website. I passed the qualifying test and have an account, but imma be honest, transcription is a bit difficult for me.
    Rev also has a tier system, you start out as a “rookie” and can move up, the higher you move up the better pay you get, and you also get access to transcriptions jobs first – which means you can cherry-pick the good audio.
    Since I’m still a rookie I’m stuck with bad-okay audio. I know I just need to grind it out so I can make more money, but ooof!

How’d you do this month? What side hustles are you working on?

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