May 2020 Net Worth Report

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This month’s net worth is $14,439.40! Last month it was $9,589.13 which means we increased our net worth by 41%!

God I hope I calculated that percentage correctly…

Fancy chart below:

This Month
Matthew IRA:$28,820.92
Brittney IRA:$1,124.30
Brittney Taxable:$49.36
Peer-to-Peer Lending:$37.92
Primary Residence:$128,750
Total Assets:$166,164.60
Student Loans:$30,270.39
Total Liabilities:$151,725.20
Net Worth:$14,439.40

Assets and Liabilities Updates

Cash Savings: We saved almost $2,000 over the last month! We’re hoping to get our cash savings up to $10,000 by the end of this year, then we’ll start maxing out our roths, and the 401(k).

401(k): We’re saving 4% just to get the company math.

Roth IRAs: No new deposits this month, but the stock market is bouncing back a bit, so that helped our net worth.

HSA: We stopped contributing to our HSA so we can save more.

Taxable: I invested $50 into the “Nifty Fifty” as an experiment – maybe I’ll keep adding money to it and see how it goes?

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Lending Club changed recently, and they aren’t allowing people in my state to purchase individual notes anymore, so I cant put more money into this. Maybe I’ll check out Prosper.

Robinhood: I have a little bit of money in here, I don’t have access to fractional shares yet, but when I do, I think I’ll start throwing some money into this account.

Mortgage: We’re looking into refinancing our mortgage due to the lower interest rates. I have no idea how to actually go about doing this – I’m going to research it this month.

Student Loans: My student loan company put everyone’s loan into forbearance for 6+ months, so we decided to stop payments for now and put that money towards increasing our savings.

Goals For Next Month

Save Another $1,000 – We should be able to save at least $1,000 this month. We haven’t received our tax return yet, but when we do that money will also go into our cash savings.

Make an Extra $100 – I’d like to do a few side hustles this month for some extra cash.

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