June 2020 Net Worth Report

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This month’s net worth is $15,818.45! Last month it was $14,439.40 which means we increased our net worth by 9.5%!

Fancy chart below:

This Month
Matthew IRA:$25,277.63
Brittney IRA:$1,124.30
Brittney Taxable:$11.00
Peer-to-Peer Lending:$4.11
Primary Residence:$128,750
Worthy Capital:$20.11
Total Assets:$167,551.65
Student Loans:$30,274.39
Total Liabilities:$151,733.20
Net Worth:$15,818.45

Assets and Liabilities Updates

Cash Savings: We saved $700 in the last month (for emergencies)! We’re still hoping to get to $10,000 in cash savings by the end of the year.

Still waiting on our tax return….

401(k): We’re saving 4% just to get the company math.

Roth IRAs: No new deposits this month, but just like last month, the stock market is bouncing back a bit, so that gave us a little boost.

HSA: We stopped contributing to our HSA so we can save more.

Taxable: I was investing a little into the “Nifty Fifty” as an experiment but decided to scrap that plan, I took some of the money out and moved it to our emergency fund, and decided to change the assets up and invest in O (Realty Income) instead.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: So I mentioned last month that Lending Club changed recently, and they aren’t allowing people in my state to purchase individual notes anymore – so I removed some of my cash that was there.

Robinhood: I FINALLY got access to fractional shares! I invested what leftover cash I had into O (Realty Income). I’m not sure if I’ll add more to this account since I already have my Fidelity account that has fractional shares, but we’ll see.

Mortgage: We did look to refinance our mortgage, we checked out Third Federal and Better Mortgage, but ultimately found that we wouldn’t really save much at all.

Student Loans: Still no payments!

Worthy Capital: I kept seeing this company pop up on a few personal finance blogs, so I decided to try it out. I added $20 to this, and so far I’m up $0.11
I like the interface and how easy it is to get bonds. I might add some of my side hustle money each month.

GroundFloor: This is another thing I saw on some personal finance blogs. I’ll let them explain: “GROUNDFLOOR is a wealthtech company that offers high-yield, short-term, real estate DEBT investments to the general public.”
You can invest with just $10 (which I did!), but since I used someone’s referral link, I also got another $10 in my account. I invested $10 each into two different properties and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Goals For Next Month

Save $500 – I’m dropping the savings goal this month to $500, this should be totally doable, but may push back our big goal of saving $10,000 by January 2021.

Make an Extra $500 – So far this month I’m actually at $250+ made through side hustles so I think getting to $500 should be fairly easy.

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