January 2019 Income Report | Third Income Report

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I more than doubled my blogging income this month (again!). I also more than doubled my pageviews, users, sessions, and TRIPLED my email this month!

I’ll get to what I changed this month, but let me give you some background, okay? So.. I’ve had my blog since October of 2017, and I didn’t do ANYTHING with it until September 2018 (where I ended up writing my first post).

And I really didn’t do anything with the blog in October either (no promotion, just another post). So I considered November my first “real” month blogging, which makes January my third “real” month blogging..

I wanted to document my journey somehow with an income / traffic report! I know I’m not making $1,000’s (yet!) but I thought seeing the beginning would be helpful to some people.

Okay, so let’s go!

Other Income Reports

So Why Am I Doing Income Reports Anyway?

I want to document the process. I want to use these income reports to document what I’m doing, including what worked for me and what didn’t work, so I can get better at this blogging thing.

I want to help you. See by documenting what I’m doing and showing you what’s working for me, you can take it and maybe implement some of these things in your own blog. Seriously steal my strategy

Social Proof & More Content See when I do things like write a post on how to make a money making blog, I can point to my income reports to show that I’m a super legit blogger.

Also it’s another post, another thing I can promote on social media. And I’ve been poking around Pinterest, and income reports look like a popular thing to write.

What Income Is Included?

Here’s the deal, most of the things I’m promoting via affiliate marketing work on a 60 day (or more) payout time, so I won’t see the money for a short bit. So what is included in this income report is what I earned during the month, and only what I earned via this blog.

January 2019 Summary

This month I tried focusing on creating more content, more pins for old content, and trying to look for new keywords I could try and rank for.

I made pins for some of my older posts, joined more group boards, and still used the strategies I learned in Pinteresting Strategies course I bought (back in September).

Last month I talked about changing my theme to the Cyprus theme, I liked it for a while, but then quickly realized it looked eerily similar to another website that’s in my same niche, so I ended up going back to the Astra theme.

I ended up only writing 2 posts (yikes!)

What Worked For Me This Month


I was in a bit of haze when I first started this journey, but this month I felt like I got some clarity about what I should / want to write about, I wrote my typical income report, and also created a mini guide to credit scores (that I’m super proud of!).

Email List

I still am using ConvertKit (and I STILL love it so far!).

I kept using ConverKit, and of course pinning pins that lead to a landing page for some of my freebies (to get email subscribers), and I have an email list signup at the beginning or the end of every post.

Once again the thing that got me the most email subscribers this month, was HelloBar. HelloBar is a tool that can place popups, or a top bar (or both) on your website so you can capture emails.

I stopped using the top bar, and right now I just have the popup that comes up when people are navigating away from my blog. I got 12 emails using HelloBar this month, and I ended the month with 86 subscribers total (last month I only had 56!). So I definitely count this as a win!

**I use the free version of HelloBar with gives me 5000 views/month (they disable it for the rest of the month once you reach the max views).


Pinterest was doing great for me in the beginning, but towards the middle of the month, I got an email that my account was suspended for “spammy” behavior (WHAT?!). Despite emailing them every day for two weeks, I was not able to recover the account, so I had to start over with a new one.

This was super discouraging and led to me not wanting to write, or do much on this site for a few weeks 🙁

When I did get back into the swing of things, I went hard with Pinterest, I started a new account, repinned all my old pins, I also outsourced some pin designs just so I could have something fresh to add, I also joined more tribed in Tailwind, and did manually pinning several times a day to help my new account grow.

I’m still using Tailwind for scheduling pins and getting my pins out there (with Tribes), and I do manually pin a few times a day.

What Didn’t Work For Me This Month


Yeah the Pinterest ban hurt like hell. Not gonna lie.

So I took a long break and actually only ended up writing 2 posts. I gotta do better this month.

Getting Traffic

I know I need to focus more on SEO, but since most of my pageviews came from Pinterest, I focused a lot on getting my new Pinterest account together and getting that up and running. It seemed to work well, I’m almost back to my old daily pageviews.

New posts added this month:

1. December 2018 Income Report | Second Income Report
2. The Beginner’s Guide To Credit Scores

January Traffic Report

This month I got 3,539 users, 3850 sessions, and 5,113 pageviews during my third “real” month of blogging (last month I got 3024 users, 3413 sessions, and 5433 pageviews for my second “real” month blogging.)

My main goal is still to get to 25,000 sessions so I can apply to Mediavine (ad company) – I don’t see this goal changing really.

January Income Report

Affiliates* – $60.83
Media.net – $24.33 – (Better than the $17ish I made last month)
Medium – $6.62
Tailwind Referral Credit – $15

*Affiliates Include:

MaxBounty – Survey Affiliates

SurveyJunkie sign up to be an affiliate here: SurveyJunkie Affiliate Progam – I use this website daily, and I highly suggest you signup if you want to make some extra cash! This is also the affiliate program I’ve made the most money from, so if you have a blog, sign up for the SurveyJunkie Affiliate Progam.

ibotta – Get cashback for shopping online and getting groceries!

SweatCoin – Get paid for walking!

Tailwind – Automate your pinning!

January Expenses

I prepaid most of my blogging expenses before December, so the only expenses I had were $20 I paid for some pin designs.

Did I Reach My Goals This Month

  • Get 3000 Sessions and 5000 Pageviews – Great Success!
  • Post 14 New Posts This Month (2 per week) – FAIL
  • Create A Resource Page – Uh, FAIL AGAIN!
  • Make $100 – HEY LOOK MA, I MADE IT!

Goals For February:

  • Get 3000 Sessions and 5000 Pageviews
  • Post 3 New Posts This Month
  • Create A Resource Page
  • Make $200


So that’s how I made money my third-month blogging!

Do you have an income report on your blog? Let me know, I’d love to take a look (I’m a sucker for a good income report)

If you are interested in starting your own blog, check out my post How To Start A Blog That Makes Money!

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