Free Printable Blog Planners To Help You Get Organized

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I love paper planners.

There I said it.

I like the feeling I get when I physically check something off, I like being able to use highlighters and different pens, I even like decorating my planners with stickers (yes I’m an adult – are you judging me??).

I have tried using things like Asana, Airtable, Todoist, Trello, to get myself organized… And I do still use some of those tools now, but there’s nothing like a paper planner.

This list is filled with free printable blog planners that you can use to help get yourself (and blog!) organized.

And because we’re such good friends (we both like planners so we have to be friends), I put my favorite planner at the top so you won’t have to scroll. Yes, yes, I am amazing. You’re welcome.

Complete Planners

These are planners that help you can use to plan your entire year! They include places to plan your blog, your year, your month, your week, and some even include daily planning sheets.

Free Printable Blog Planner From Georgia Lou Studios

This planner from Georgia Lou Studios is my absolute favorite. It is undated (so I can start using it at any time), it has a ton of helpful pages, and since it’s mostly black and white (with lots of white pace) you won’t waste ink trying to print the pages.

Here are the pages included with this planner:

  • Planner Cover
  • Month dividers
  • Blog Details sheet
  • Style Guide sheet
  • Yearly Planner
  • Monthly Planner
  • Post Brainstorm Sheet
  • Monthly Editorial List
  • Weekly Planner
  • Weekly Posts Planner
  • Post Planner
  • Post SEO Checklist This is my favorite page!
  • Series Planner
  • Daily Planner
  • Tea
  • Notes Page
  • To Do Checklist

To get this planner just go to their freebie page and signup.

Yearly Blog Plan Scedule From Start a Mom Blog

This planner from Start a Mom Blog is essential for any beginner blogger.

This takes you through the basics of starting a blog (starting in January) all the way to creating a promoting your very own product! All the necessary resources are linked, and it even covers what posts to write every month.

This planner is free when you signup for the Start a Mom Blog email list.

Blogging Printable Planner From Kimi Was Here

This planner has all your standard planning pages (like a weekly planner, post planner, notes page, etc), but it also has some really unique blogging pages like a Pinterest Group Board Chart, a start-up costs breakdown, a page of monetization ideas, and a master blog post list.

This blog planner is available for free once you sign up for Kimi’s email list.

Printable Blog Planner From Stray Curls

If you want something cute and colorful, this blog planner from Stray Curls is perfect!

This planner has a yearly goals, sheet, a business plan page, a finances page, a place to keep track of your blog stats, a blog promotion checklist and more!

Printable Blog Planner From Elite Blog Academy

This is a huge planner that is more than 130 pages long!

The planner is based on her book, How to Blog For Profit, but even if you haven’t read the book, the planner is still incredibly helpful!

There is a daily checklist, a place for long-term goals, weekly and monthly planners, expenses tracker, and more!

You can get the planner by signing up for the EBA email list.

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