February 2019 Net Worth Report

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My very first net worth report. Come take a peek at all of our assets, our liabilities, and our financial goals! #networthreport #networthpersonalfinance #personalfinance #networthmoney

Because Matthew and I have big goals.

Okay, okay, the longer answer is we want to pay off our debt, and have the freedom to retire early. Tracking our net worth each month is a great way to see if we’re on track, keep us accountable, and hopefully it inspires at least one person to do the same (or you can just be nosy and peep our net worth, that’s okay too!).


Roth IRA (Brittney):


Yeah I’m very behind on contributing to my retirement account. I had a few thousand dollars saved up years ago, but ended up taking the money out and blowing it on random things – yeah not one of my proudest moments.

Disney Stock (1 Share):


I just found out about this one recently, Matthew’s uncle got him a share of Disney stock when he was a baby. We haven’t quite gotten around to adding the stock to his investment account, which is why it’s on it’s own line.

401(K) (Matthew)


Matthew started his current job back in October (2018), so this is just 4ish months of contributions which is good. I think he currently contributes 3-4% and gets some profit sharing money at the end of the year. I’d like to bump up his contributions to 10%.

Roth IRA (Matthew)


Matthew has been trying to max out his IRA for a few years now, and has done a great job of it (and has put me to shame).

Home Value: 


This is what I estimated our condo to be worth. Hopefully this goes up when we sell it in a few years. 🙂

Car Value:


I didn’t know if I should include car value or not in our net worth calculations – but it seemed like most people do… I used KBB.com to estimate the value of our Prius.

Personal Property:


This is the ol’ jewelry collection and by collection I mean one item (engagement ring).

Total Assets: $152,515.15

Debt & Liabilities:

Best Buy Store Card:


Matthew opened up a Best Buy store card, and purchased a washer, a dryer, and a TV for our new condo. There’s no interest if the balance is paid off within 18 months. We’ve been paying $150/month on the card.

Credit Cards (Brittney):


So before Matthew and I got together, I had 6 (!!!!) credit cards maxed out, I’m trying to get these paid down as quickly as possible.

Student Loan (Brittney):


This is for my few years I spent messing around in college (I didn’t get a degree). I’m currently in forbearance, and payments will officially begin in October (2019).

Home Mortgage:


Looking back we shouldn’t have gotten a mortgage, we should have just rented for awhile while we paid off debt, and got our emergency fund together, but here we are. It’s a 30-year mortgage but I’d like to try and pay this off a lot quicker than that.

Total Liabilities: -$157,729.28

Net Worth:



One of our main goals is having a mini-emergency fund set up. I think $1000 is a good starting point, then we’d like to pay off our high interest debt, increase our emergency fund, pay off our remaining debt, then start investing more so we can reach financial independence.
Save $1000 Mini-Emergency Fund
Pay Off Credit Cards
Save 6 Months Of Expeneses
Pay Off Student Loan
Pay Off Mortgage
Have $1,000,000 Invested

2 thoughts on “February 2019 Net Worth Report”

  1. Hey! Awesome post. You can guys can get out of that debt in no time! Have you looked into any side hustles to pay off the remaining 5k, such as renting out a bedroom in your house, dog sitting, etc.?

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I’ve looked into a few side hustles, but haven’t really done a deep dive into all the options. I’ll look more into it this month. I am curious about possibly renting out our second bedroom. Hmm.

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