70+ Fashion Blog Post Ideas

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Need a little help with your fashion blog?

Let me guess, you’ve run out of post ideas?

Don’t worry, here are 50+ blog post ideas that you can steal for your own blog!

List Posts

  1. 10 Wardrobe Essentials
  2. 5 Pieces You Should Invest In (This Season, Month, Etc)
  3. Top Stores To Shop At
  4. 5-10 Accessories everyone should have
  5. Best / favorite fashion websites
  6. Top trends of the season
  7. Must buys for certain season / holidays
  8. Must haves for the gym
  9. Wedding looks
  10. Looks under $50 / $100 / $200
  11. Swimwear trends
  12. Cute Halloween costumes
  13. Dupes for designer handbags

Sales & Promotion

  1. Black Friday sales guide
  2. Nordstrom Holiday sale guide
  3. Amazon Prime fashion sales


Outfit Guides

  1. What to pack for a weekend getaway
  2. What to wear to an interview
  3. What to wear on a first date
  4. What to wear to Coachella
  5. What to wear to a festival
  6. what to wear to a holiday party

How To Guides

  1. How to start a capsule wardrobe
  2. How to style outfits for your particular shape / body type
  3. How to take professional-looking outfit photos
  4. How to shop on a budget
  5. How to find your signature style
  6. How to shop vintage
  7. How to recreate X look on a budget
  8. How to take an outfit from day to night
  9. How to create a minimalist wardrobe

Gift Guides

  1. Christmas gift ideas for mom/sister/ friend
  2. Birthday gift ideas for friend / sister / mom
  3. Mother’s Day gift ideas

Other Guides

  1. Shopping tips for the current sales season
  2. Shopping guides for a particular city / state / region
  3. Shoe shopping guide
  4. Guide to Amazon fashion


  1. Your Season Wishlist
  2. What’s new in your wardrobe
  3. Budget shopping hauls
  4. Handbag shopping hauls
  5. Accessory shopping hauls
  6. Clothing shopping hauls
  7. How you organize your wardrobe
  8. How you organize your accessories
  9. How you organize your shoes
  10. Share your favorite pieces
  11. A day in the life
  12. Items you regret buying
  13. A roundup / list of your top posts
  14. #OOTD – Share your outfit of the day
  15. Share your entire closet!
  16. Favorite bags / bag wishlist
  17. Pieces you’ll be getting rid of
  18. Your personal style inspirations
  19. Your favorite statement pieces
  20. Yearly outfit recaps
  21. Share why you started your fashion blog


  1. Review a particular fashion book
  2. Review a specific handbag


  1. Share your morning routine
  2. Share your skincare routine

Other Blog Post Ideas

  1. Outfit challenges
  2. Disney bound – outfits inspired by Disney characters
  3. Cover upcoming fashion events
  4. You could interview a fellow fashion blogger, or ask them to guest post on your blog.
  5. How to edit your outfit photos
  6. How to pitch brands to get sponsored posts
  7. How to start a fashion blog

Worth The Splurge

  1. Luxury handbags worth the splurge
  2. Accessories worth the splurge

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