13 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You Organize Your Finances

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I recently started using a bullet journal and I’ve had a lot of fun lately creating my own spreads, and seeing what works for me! ✏️

Besides tracking my to do list, I also wanted to start tracking my finances, including my debt and my savings. So while researching on Instagram and Pinterest for spread ideas, I came up with this list of over 13 Amazing Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You Organize Your Finances

If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, it’s just an analog tracking system that you can customize to fit your needs! You can get a notebook for bullet journaling for under $10 on Amazon


If you want to find out more about bullet journaling, check out this article from Lemony Fizz: What Is A Bullet Journal


Bookmark this list, because I’ll add to it whenever I see an awesome new money-related bullet journal spread!

Savings Trackers

$1000 Saving Challenge, Savings tracker
$1000 Saving Tracker

This is a cute savings tracker that you can use to track your first $1000 in savings (or the first baby step!).

Savings Tracker
Multiple Savings Goals Tracker

If you’re interested in tracking several different savings goals in your bullet journal, try this spread!

Yearly Savings Tracker
Yearly Savings Tracker

Have a yearly savings goal? Try breaking it up into monthly goals and keep track of everything using this spread from Start A Mom Blog!

Vacation Savings Tracker
Vacation Savings Tracker

If you have some trips/vacations you want to save up for, this adorable spread should be in your bullet journal!

Debt Payoff

Credit Card Bullet Journal Tracker
Credit Card Debt Tracker

If you have some credit card debt that you’re working towards paying off, try this bullet journal spread out. You can keep track of the monthly balance, and it has a handy chart you can create so you can see how much the balances have decreased.

Debt Snowball Bullet Journal
Debt Payment Bullet Journal Tracker

If you’re using the debt snowball method of paying off debt, then this spread is for you! It’s a spacious spread that uses two pages, so you can keep track of a years worth of payments, or just the ongoing balance and other information.

Debt Snowball Spread
Debt Snowball Spreads

If you want some more creative debt snowball spreads, checkout Funding Cloud Nine’s blog post!

Other / General Finance

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makover, Debt Payoff Bullet Journal Spread
Total Money Makeover

This is an awesome spread you can use yourself if you’re going through the “Baby Steps” process, a fan of Dave Ramsey, or you can modify it to fit whatever financial journey you’re on!

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps
Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

Here is another spread for the Baby Steps process by Dave Ramsey. This is a simple checklist you can use to keep track of your progress.

No Spend Tracker
No Spend Challenge Tracker

If you are doing a no spend challenge, you can keep track of that with your bullet journal! You can track how many days you’re doing to be doing it, what your personal rules will be, and whatever exceptions there are.

Budget Bullet Journal Spread
Budget Bullet Journal Spread

Want to track your monthly budget in your bullet journal? Check this spread out! There’s room for your expenses and your savings!

Monthly Budget Bullet Journal Spread
Monthly Budget Bullet Journal Spread

If you want a more simplistic budget spread and/or want to keep your receipts handy, try this spread! You can see your bills and other expenses, your income, your savings, and keep your receipts with you (using a pocket made from a paper bag).

Sinking Funds Tracker
Sinking Funds Tracker

If you have a lot of savings goals or things you need to use sinking funds for, this is a great simple tracker you can add to your bullet journal.

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