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Amazon is one of the biggest online merchants in the world.

They sell everything from baby products to books to home goods and everything in between.

But did you know Amazon also offers other services? Yep, they aren’t just an online store anymore.

They acquired Whole Foods in 2017, own Amazon Web Services (AWS), have a popular streaming service (Amazon Prime Video!), they also acquired Twitch back in 2014! And that’s just scratching the surface.

One of the great things about Amazon is because they do a lot of their business online, they also offer tons of work from home opportunities!

If you’re interested in working for Amazon, I’ve found quite a few full-time and part-time work home online jobs that you can apply for.

If you’re looking for something more flexible, I’ve also found over 5 different ways that you can earn money using Amazon (that doesn’t involve a W-2 or 1099!).

Want a job at Amazon!?

They’re hiring over 33,000 workers for various jobs! Attend their job fair! (More details here).

What online jobs are available at Amazon?

You’re probably thinking “what can I do at Amazon?”.

I got you. I did all the research so you didn’t have to. If you want to go directly to the virtual jobs page at Amazon, you can go here.

If you want more specific, here are some of the job categories at Amazon (I’ve also added how many open positions there are):

Amazon Job Categories (included online and offline jobs) [Updated 9/15/2020]
  • Administrative Support (127 open jobs)
  • Audio / Video / Photography Production (38 open jobs)
  • Business and Merchant Development (743 open jobs)
  • Business Intelligence (623 open jobs)
  • Buying, Planning and Instock Management (356 open jobs)
  • Customer Service (480 open jobs)
  • Data Science (163 open jobs)
  • Database Administration (33 open jobs)
  • Design (279 open jobs)
  • Economics (36 open jobs)
  • Editorial, Writing, and Content Management (243 open jobs)
  • Facilities, Maintenance, and Real Estate (429 open jobs)
  • Finance and Global Business Services (877 open jobs)
  • Fulfillment and Operations Management (2181 open jobs)
  • Hardware Development (264 open jobs)
  • Human Resources (987 open jobs)
  • Investigation and Loss Prevention (230 open jobs)
  • Leadership Development and Training (252 open jobs)
  • Legal (123 open jobs)
  • Machine Learning Science (364 open jobs)
  • Marketing (388 open jobs)
  • Medical, Health, and Safety (585 open jobs)
  • Operations, IT, and Support Engineering (1583 open jobs)
  • Project / Program / Product Management Non-Tech (1723 open jobs)
  • Project / Program / Product Management Technical (1544 open jobs)
  • Public Policy (68 open jobs)
  • Public Relations and Communications (78 open jobs)
  • Research Science (206 open jobs)
  • Sales, Advertising, and Account Management (1554 open jobs)
  • Software Development (6181 open jobs)
  • Solutions Architect (3267 open jobs)
  • Supply Chain / Transportation Management (368 open jobs)
  • Systems, Quality, and Security Engineering (706 open jobs)
  • Warehouse and Shopper (383 open jobs)

As you can see there are quite a few jobs at Amazon that could be right for you.

I won’t talk about every online job available (you can see them there), but I will mention a few that could work for you.

Customer Service

If you have access to a quiet, distraction-free area and you have a GED or high school diploma, you could be eligible to work as a Customer Care Representative.

There are a few different customer service rep jobs avaible to help support different parts of Amazon’s business.

For example in this Customer Care position, you will help customers who are having issues with Audible (Amazon’s audiobook service).

If you’re interested in an online customer service job at Amazon, you can find the open jobs here.

Software Development

Have experience in software developement?

It dosn’t matter if you’re at the beginning or middle of your career, there are open jobs at Amazon for you!

The Software Development Engineer requires just 2 years of experience and a degree in computer science (or an equivalent). Read more here.

There is also a Senior Software Development Engineer for people who have a bit more experience. You need 4+ years of professional experience, and 2+ years of experience with contributing to the architecture and design of a system. Read more here.

If you want to see all the open Amazon software development jobs, you can view them here.

Sales, Advertising, and Account Management


Project/Program/Product Management (Technical)


Project/Program/Product Management (Non-Tech)


Other Ways to Work With Amazon

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Associates

Become an Amazon Seller

Merch by Amazon

Kindle Publishing

POD Books on Amazon



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